Got Itself Jinxed

Oh if there ever were a list of mid-December days we could name as being perfect, today would be close to the top of that list. The beauty of it had me outdoors as much as allowed, just so to capture as many moments possible. I think nearly everyone else was feeling about the same because there were a whole lot more smiling faces encountered. And while at the bank, a teller whispered, “Even though some are sad we don’t have snow, I personally couldn’t be happier.” My sincere reply was, “Ditto.”

My first closing was to take place at 8:00 am this morning, and since it was so early, I made sure to get over to that home and remove my lockbox and yard sign beforehand, and knowing I would possibly have a problem getting my sign out to the ground, I got to work about a half hour earlier than normal just so I could run over and get it out. Thank goodness I was finally able to wiggle it enough to get it freed from the frost. The ground was frozen, but evidently not as hard as in past later days of December.

I arrived at the bank a few minutes early, and shortly afterwards, the buyer arrived whom I’d not yet met. I was pleasantly surprised at how young he appeared, along with his overall demeanor. His infectious smile prompted me to say, “Because I’ve admired that exceptionally well-built home from afar for many years, I can assure you that in time, it’ll end up being your own personal 401K.” He looked at me, and then whispered, “So you think I’m making a good long-term investment?” “Absolutely.” I replied.

After the docs were signed and the checks issued, I spent a few moments sharing all the more very positive over-looked features about it which he was glad to hear. As we were walking out I said, “If you should see me driving by once in a while, don’t think I’m stalking you because I do have another listing around the corner which I’m hoping gets sold more sooner than later.” As I was driving away from that bank, I couldn’t stop thinking about how good it was to find a pleasant young man ending up with that home. I will continue wishing him the absolute best in his future endeavors.

As noontime approached, I headed out to the home we were to close mid-afternoon today, just so to do another final walk-thru. Unfortunately the sellers didn’t have all their things out late yesterday which created another scheduling for today. I held my breath when walking in, and after a quick look-over, I was relieved to find they finally had everything out. Since the home was completely empty, I did notice a few things in need of attention, which I freely announced to the buyers, just so they’d be aware of them from the get-go.

On the way back to my office, I happened to notice a home appearing on the verge of being vacant once again. Oh, the stories I could tell about a family that once lived there who were one of most dysfunctional I’d ever crossed paths with. Way back when, I sold it to the parents of one of them, and wouldn’t you know it, they ended up biting the hands that fed them, so they kicked them out and re-sold it after discovering how they had already started willfully damaging it, along with refusing to pay a deeply discounted rent they’d promised to pay. I personally felt so bad about that unfortunate happening, I actually physically and freely worked an entire day over there, just to help get it readied for re-sale.

Since that sale took place so very many years ago, I couldn’t help but notice how that home just couldn’t keep owners living there very long, and usually it was because of family squabbles and/or financial troubles. After seeing a pattern emerging with that “toxic” house, I began wondering if those truly bat-shite crazy people, somehow infected that house with their essence of evil which even after so many years, continues to linger. What was once a loving family home, has somehow turned into an abyss filled with mounting evils. Yes, I think that home somehow got itself jinxed by those crazies, which is no wonder its address has somehow been burned into my memory.

My 3:00 pm closing went streamlined-smooth, and you can bet the buyers are tickled over being able to get moved in before Christmas, and with this weekend’s weather forecasted to be mild, I don’t think the timing could’ve been better. I look for that young couple to be in their new home for a very many years.

Before closing up shop for the day, I went back to the piano and played about ten Christmas songs, just so to get myself all the more into the swing of the coming days. And once again, tomorrow is going to be the shortest day of the year which means our dear sun will once again, begin its regimented march northward. Yeah! Our days will be growing longer.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Mix a little foolishness with your serious plans, because it’s quite delightful when being silly at the right moments.

Joe Chodur

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