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I was a bit shocked to find it hovering around zero just before I headed to work early this morning, and then later when I had to stop and mail a package, one of their clerks mentioned that when she got up to walk her dog around 5:00 am, and then looking at the outdoor temperature, she looked down at her dog and said, “I love you very much, but we ain’t going out this morning.”

At least the wind changed directions and started blowing warmer air from the south which gave me the incentive to look at our weather forecast for the week ahead. Oh how I was delighted when seeing our temps are predicted to be above average for about a week or more. I may sound like a Christmas kill-joy when saying I could care less if we have snow on the ground for the Holidays, and that’s because I still vividly remember some of the most wicked of winter weather happenings in the last two weeks of years gone by.

One of my clients stopped by this morning to have a good chat about the game plan for listing her home next month. She’s pretty much got it together, but still wants my opinion, and most likely for added moral support. I agreed to take another look at her home after the first of the year so to advise her on what the most important preparations should be made before officially listing it.

After she walked out, I was once again reminded how much more rewarding it is when assisting an elderly person who hasn’t any close relatives living in the area. She once said to me, “I don’t know why, but I have a feeling you’re going to do a good job for me.” I blushed a little, and then thanked her for that vote of confidence, but little does she know how much her bright blue eyes continue to remind me of my deceased mother’s. Without question, I’ll do everything I can to make the sale of her home as stress-free as possible.

Now that I have everything except a final walk-thru completed on two closings that are coming up this Friday, I decided to head over to Habitat for Humanity’s store to see if they had a size and style of used door I’m in need of. I hadn’t been there in a number of months and nearly always, I walk out disappointed, but today was an exception.

I checked out all their used doors, and not to my surprise, there was not one even close to what I was looking for, and every time I look at piles of doors, I’m reminded of a near sinful story of a happening which a client of mine shared with me about 10 years ago. Well, I guess one of his friends had a bachelor uncle who died, and when the family started clearing out the buildings on his farm, they discovered over a 100 old doors that were stored in that old gent’s “big barn”. Instead of selling them, or even giving them away, they piled them in one monstrous pile and burned them. What made me want to vomit when hearing his story, was that some of them still had their fancy brass hardware intact. What a terribly willful destruction of doors which could never be easily replaced.

As I was rounding the corner of an aisle in the Re-Store, I happened upon a brother of a dear client/customer of mine. He’s not much younger than I am, yet one of the most peppery individuals who enjoys telling stories. Believe it or not, I was in that store for over an hour listening to his tales, along with sharing a few of my own. As we were walking past the hand tool section, I happened to notice a wooden-handled screwdriver, so I picked it up to get better look at it. What piqued my interest, was its visible quality of manufacture. I mentioned something about the brand, and my story teller mentioned he’d already tried reading its markings, but couldn’t.

It had a price tag on it of $3.00, so I announced to him I was going to buy it because I was pretty sure it was made in Europe. He then piped up and said, “You know my brother is going to be envious of you if it was, because he has a “thing” about vintage screwdrivers.

We had a few more stories to share before I paid my $3.00, and since we were near the counter, I’m sure many of those standing at a distance, were wondering what we were finding so laughable. For me, he’s one of those who can get me started on making cleverly wicked comments, along with additional dark-sided observations to something being said. There’s no question we both got some much needed belly-laughs out of our encounter.

With my curiosity over my purchase continuing to grow, I drove straight back to my office, found some soft steel wool, and gave the metal portion on that screwdriver a good rubbing, and wouldn’t you know it, the brand name became readable.

The above photo is of my new find which happens to be a screwdriver created by the company, W. Marples & Sons of Sheffield, England. It’s already another addition to my personal “tool crib”. Truthfully, I’ve never held a screwdriver that felt as comfortable in my hand as the one above. Without a doubt, it’ll likely be my first choice when in need.

Just for kicks, I looked them up on E-Bay, and their used prices range from $20 – $60, and almost all would be coming out of Great Britain. Don’t you think that was a good $3.00 investment?

Tonight’s one-liner is: Once vindictive words have been allowed to escape, they cannot be recalled.

Joe Chodur

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