Blinding Lights

Considering the fact that we’re only a little over a week away from Christmas, I was surprised to find how busy I was with phone calls and emails to where I didn’t have all that much free time available the entire day.

My first order of business was to get some snow shoveling done before any more foot traffic would make it harder to get it cleared off. Even though I arrived at my office early, there were already tire tracks from our midnight back-packing bicyclists who were either coming or going from their “study” groups. The thought came to me while shoveling and thinking about how interesting it would be to follow those tracks from their points of beginning and ending. There’s no question they were all up to no good at such hours of the night.

Around noontime, I had to run out to a home and work on a dear older lady’s side door which for some reason she couldn’t get to stay closed. It was a good thing I brought my handy little tool box with me because there were some adjustments needing to be done on that door’s strike plate. After about a half hour of working on it, I managed to get it working even better than before. I had to laugh to myself when thinking how most tradespeople would be pulling out some battery operated gadget to fix what I was able to do by hand. For sure that would’ve been a $75 – $100 service call. I can now say that in a period of less than thirty days, I managed to get a broken-off key out of a lockset, and then today, adjusting the strike and lock plates on a door to where they now work properly.

I’m not sure if it’s just me, or if many of the rest of you are being greatly annoyed by all these lighted signs that are appearing around town which are glaringly bright. They’re not as striking during the daylight hours, but when it gets dark, they’re so bright that one doesn’t even want to look at them. The one that’s exceptionally piercing to my eyes, is down at the corner of N. Monroe and 1st St. NW, and if any of you are driving on N. Monroe when it’s dark, you know the exact sign of which I speak.

For some reason, I thought there were restrictions on how bright a sign’s lighting is allowed to be in cities, but evidently not, unless our City isn’t enforcing them. If you’re willing to take a long drive around town, you’ll certainly notice all the more of them, and for heaven’s sake, even some of our churches are installing those blinding lights. Without a doubt, I find them plain and simply obtrusive, and likely being one more example of how important many believe it is to be “noticed”. Don’t even get me started on the subject of Facebook “selfies”.

I have several appointments out of my office tomorrow, but the remaining time will be spent patiently waiting for a packet of transfer documents to arrive at my office from out of State. Whenever we get closer to a closing date, I grow anxious when not in possession of them if the sellers aren’t able to attend closings. They claim they’re to be delivered tomorrow, but I have a feeling it’ll be Wednesday or even Thursday when they arrive. You can bet if they don’t make it here on Wednesday, I’ll be sweating until the moment they do show up.

I had a late afternoon second showing on a home, and this time, the buyer spent all the more time giving it an even closer inspection. Before leaving, I did suggest she stop at a few stores to get prices on cabinetry and floor coverings because it’s best to have a better idea of today’s costs before making any decisions. I’m hoping the prices won’t be as high as she’s been envisioning. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The person who does one thing better than anyone else, and even if only it be the art of raising onions, is more than worthy to receive a meritorious crown.

Joe Chodur

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