Long and Arduous

I hope these past two days have been restful for everyone because starting this week, the and following weekend, there’ll be all that last minute shopping and hurried preparations before Christmas Eve arrives. When looking at the weather, it appears we won’t be dealing with any major snowstorms, which will be a blessing for those driving great distances to or from North Iowa to be with their families and friends.

I’ve been working on a more low-key approach to Christmas this year where I’m just allowing it all to unfold on its own, and whatever happens, will simply be considered meant to be. Over the years, I’ve had more than my share of stressing out over Christmas giving and preparations, so I guess it’s time to get back to the core of what it’s really all about.

When looking at the Christmas Day schedules for Service times, I was shocked to find nearly all of our Churches are zeroing in on Christmas Eve, and having only one on Christmas morning. Oh how things have evolved in such a short span of time. I can remember when Christmas Day was when families would get together and go to their respective churches, and then afterwards return to their homes and finish up on their preparations for Christmas dinner. It looks like there’s no more waking up on Christmas morning and running to see what Santa Claus left under the tree.

Early this morning I had a nice chat with one of my dear friends about how much more this business of “look at me” has taken hold even in the generation of baby-boomers. When talking about certain local persons who seem to work very hard at being in the fore-front of group photos, and then going around bragging about their weak accomplishments, we both agreed that they must be doing it just so to keep themselves believing something to be they really aren’t. It’s always either “me” or “I” when listening to them speak, and I was almost brought to belly-laughter when listening to one of those loud-mouthed sirens carrying on about his Christmas “wish list”, which I thought being very much on the childish side.

When having another time slot of about four hours to kill, I went back over to my little/big project and gave myself another three hour workout. I didn’t get as far along as I wanted, but I just couldn’t continue at it any longer. Menial labor can be tiring, and especially when one isn’t doing such things on a daily basis. I’m actually growing all the more excited now that it’s all coming together nicely.

Someone asked me a number of months ago, why I take on such daunting projects when knowing they’re going to be long and arduous. I thought about it a moment, and then replied, “I’ve found that when completely alone and without interruptions, the work I do is secondary to the amount of deep thinking and soul cleansing that takes place.” I went on to say that there are all those who pound themselves on a daily basis with their exercise regimens which may offer similar internal rewards, but externally, there’s nothing that comes of it because as the doctors say, “20 minutes of strenuous exercise on a daily basis is more than enough.”

My mid-afternoon appointment to show several homes was enjoyable because the young couple I’m now working with are such a delight. It’s always a breath of fresh air when coming into contact with a couple who know far more about homes than the average, and easily see past colors and out-of-fashion wallpapering. A home’s location, design, and mechanicals are what they first look at, and then the other less worrisome superficials.

A number of months ago I was in a home that would’ve made just about any buyer run for the hills because of how filthy dirty it was, along with the number of years the occupants must’ve had cats and dogs in free reign, but what caught my eye, was the over-all quality of construction it had, as well as its exceptionally good location. I didn’t sell it, but whomever finally purchased it, must’ve looked past the dirt, grim, and animal hair, and also realized it was a rock-solid home in need of several “janitors in a drum” delivered after closing.

Before calling it quits for the day, one of my dear ones stopped by for a short visit, and since I’d not seen her in months, it was good to find all being well and good on her side of the fence, and yes, we did get a few good laughs about some of the silly happenings that’ve taken place in our own circles.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Let’s all go another mile and work as though we’ll live forever, while always having our slates cleaned enough to the point where if we’re going to die today, I’ll be Ok.

Joe Chodur

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