The Advance of Senescence

I’m sure anyone who was outdoors today got a good biting from that exceptionally cold north wind, and actually being glad I didn’t have a public open house today because of the weather. Unless there’s a buyer on a burn to get a home purchased, most regimented lookers wouldn’t be out on such chilling days.

When I arrived at the office this morning, I found messages that had come in after hours that needed replying. I got those taken care of, and then decided to take a long circular drive out in the countryside before I poked my head into something menial.

I wasn’t out on the road much more than an hour, and the highlight of my drive was taking a few winding river roads just to get a few good looks at the Winnebago and Shell Rock rivers before they froze. I was somewhat surprised by not having seen any deer, and likely because they were staying put in more thick trees and undergrowth so to avoid the biting wind. There were several hawks flying overhead who appeared to be scanning the land below in search of small prey.

When I arrived back, I changed my clothes and went over to my little/big project. I was glad to see the sun finally having appeared which offered more natural light for me to see what I was doing. Not realizing I’d been at it so long, something told me that it was time to quit, and when looking at my cellphone, yes, three non-stop hours was enough. Fortunately, I’d just finished up one area which gave me one more excuse to throw in the towel for today.

Before heading back to the office, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a package of paper towels after earlier discovering I was down to my last roll. We Americans sure have become overly-dependent on them, and when looking at how expensive they’re getting, I wouldn’t be surprised if all the more people will be going back to kitchen and bath hand towels. Perhaps the jump in prices of paper towels and tissues is due to these on-going trade wars, but don’t forget, it’s corporate America’s fault for closing factories here, and then building new ones in cheaper labor markets in off-shore countries like China.

While at the store, I ran into several clients and customers from years past. When speaking to one of them, I was saddened when hearing his mother who’s always been a dear one, is now living in an out-of-town nursing home. My worries over her health were confirmed today because I’d not seen her out walking in months. Never knowing how old she was until today, I figured she’s now caught up in the advance of senescence which none of those with advancing years will be able to escape unless death comes a-knocking more sooner than later. If I have time, I’ll have to take a drive to that nursing home for good visit with her.

The other gentleman I ran into, was beaming when telling me that his son is very much loving the home I sold him this past summer. He proceeded to show me some photos on his cell phone of the improvements they’ve already made. I’ll never forget the sky-high ceilings in that home which made it all the more appealing to me. That was the home I spoke about some months ago which had been in one particular family for over 75+ years. Now if that’s not a testimony of it being a home worth of remaining in, I don’t know what would, because those long-term owners were more than financially capable of purchasing something bigger and newer.

When seeing I still had time, I decided to take in a church Service late this afternoon, and instead of making any specific comments about it, I’m just going to consider that whole Service as having been quite unremarkable. While there, I tuned-out everything going on around me, and managed to get some much needed personal reflecting done. It’s too bad there isn’t a house of worship in our area which offers at least one contemplative Service because without a doubt, myself, along with many others would be in attendance every Sunday. I’m finding that even our multi-generational Advent and Christmas hymns are falling quickly out of favor, and just because something’s new, does not make it better.

Tonight’s one-liner is: I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.

Joe Chodur

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