One Felled Swoop

When seeing the weather wasn’t so terribly cold and most of the snow having melted, I thought it best to borrow a pickup truck and make a trip out to our landfill. Knowing how Saturday morning can be busy out there, I made sure to arrive just after they opened, and wouldn’t you know it, there was already a line waiting at the scale.

If you ever want to see something very smelly and disgusting, take a trip out to see where it all ends up, and if you have a big enough load, be sure to drive out to where the “real pile” is because that’s where you’ll come into a great understanding of how much garbage is being buried on nearly a daily basis.

It’s no wonder that mound is looking all the more like a very fat and tall hill from a distance, and to think it was all created by human refuse. Our County was appropriately named Cerro Gordo generations ago, which in Spanish means “fat hill”. Even though the temps were below freezing, I could still smell that disgusting garbage, and wouldn’t you know it, there was a garbage truck from the Sheffield area dumping a full load of very disgusting looking refuse. The smell coming from it was overwhelming. You can be sure I didn’t waste a moment’s time getting myself out of there because those smells were great enough to trigger the heaves.

While driving out their gate, I couldn’t help but notice that ever-growing menagerie of yard art being created by the person owning the acreage just to the north of the landfill. I may have to take another drive out there with camera in hand and snap a photo of that very large tree trunk that had been hoisted sideways and placed as another form of “art”. Seriously, you have to drive out there for a good look at what’s been placed in that acre or two of land at the corner of those two gravel roads. When looking at it more closely, it makes absolutely no sense, but perhaps if the significance of those items were to be revealed, one may get a better understanding of it all.

After returning the truck and getting myself cleaned up, it was nearing the time of my public open house over at 415 – 1st St. SE. It was a beautiful sun-filled morning, but unfortunately there was only one couple in attendance. They spent a good deal of time looking at it, and before leaving, they mentioned how clean and well maintained it was.
Since they were just out to have a good look at it, I encouraged them to pass the word on to others, and since they live only a block away, what better way to encourage others to live in their district?

After my open house was over, I picked up my signs and went back to the office to work on my monthly accounting, and since my next appointment wasn’t until much later, I managed to get everything done in one felled swoop of time. I wasn’t very happy with myself when finding one of the bank statements not being in balance with a checkbook.
I finally found my error, and for sure it must’ve been caused when being interrupted and not clearing my adding machine because the amount I was off was too large and showed no signs of being a transposition. Oh well, it’s always a good lesson in humility when finding a mistake like that, but you can be sure I’ll be clearing out my adding machine all the more from here on out before doing any adding or subtracting of numbers.

It spent more time at my late afternoon appointment because the buyer was showing some real interest. There is a great deal of cosmetic work to be done both inside and out, but I think the buyer is up for the job since it’s in the district she prefers. I spent all the more time going over problem areas with her, as well as giving her some suggestions on what it would take to correct them. I’ll have to call the listing agent on Monday to get some clarification on some questions the buyer has.

I’ll have a relatively free Sunday, with the exception of a listing appointment I have around mid-morning. The seller called this afternoon saying it’s as ready as it’ll ever be, so I went ahead and scheduled it. I’m going to remain hopeful it’ll sell quickly because of the number of recent big ticket updates that’ve been made. As we all know in these days, young buyers do not want to spend time and money on improvements with their first-home purchases. I should have it posted online before the sun goes down, so take a look and share.

Tonight’s one-liner is: If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.

Joe Chodur

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