A Trying Tuesday

Even though it was well below freezing this morning, at least we had the sun to get the temps back up above freezing around mid-day, but of course after it went down, the chills started all over again.

If ever there were an “off” day for me, today was a classic. It seemed everything I did and everywhere I went, there were issues. The first most annoying thing was going over to a home a tenant just vacated to do an inspection, and with key in hand, I walked up to the front door and found the storm door locked. Ugh! Around the house I went to find the back door also locked, and my key not fitting, so back to my car I went and called the owner regarding my predicament. The doors are still locked and no key to get in.

Another miss-step was discovering I was supposed to be at a property viewing at 10:00 am instead of 10:30, so of course I got a call asking where I was. Fortunately I wasn’t in the middle of something, so I hurried over and profusely apologized. Still thinking I was loosing it, right after my viewing I went back to my office to check my appointment book, and sure enough I did have 10:30 posted. Well, I guess I should’ve looked closer at my text messages because then I would’ve found that the time was changed to 10:00 am. Oh well, at least I knew my appointment book was correct.

Later this morning I went to take photos of a home that was supposed to be posted for rent, and not long after I arrived back at my office, the owner called to inform me he managed to rent it himself, and that was just one more example of my continuing “off” day.

Not long after lunchtime, I was notified some title work was ready to be picked up, so I went over and grabbed the docs, and after arriving back at my office, I began causally glancing at the entries, and to my shock, I found there was a judgement that was missed. Ouch! You can be sure I was on the phone looking for answers and direction after seeing that. Thank goodness the attorney called back and said the judgement was indeed paid off, but the creditor had not yet released it, but would have it cleared off in the next five business days. It’s been years since I last encountered something like that, and yes, it was another example of my “off” day.

Some weeks ago a tenant called about having broken a key off in the lock of her front door. At the time, I immediately called an left a message with a locksmith to call me back so I could set a time with the tenant. After weeks had passed, I figured the tenant got the broken key out, but there was a little voice inside me that was demanding, “Make the call!”, so I did. Unfortunately, the broken key was still in the lock, so I grabbed my little “tool crib” and headed over to the house.

I’ve managed to get broken keys out of locksets in the past, but they’re usually buggers, and I was afraid today’s was going to require a locksmith. Fortunately the tenant was amicable about it, and sympathetic when seeing how frustrated I was growing. I asked if she had a pair of needle-nosed pliers in the house, and while out looking for a pair, I managed to get the end of that key to slide out enough to where I could pull it out the rest of the way with my fingernails. Yeah! After getting the lockset put back together, I’d say I spent a good half hour working on it, while being free to mention how much a locksmith would’ve charged for a house call. Alas, my quirky day was finally starting to turn around.

Just before calling it quits, I received a call from the executor of a home that I’ve been waiting for months to get listed. We made an appointment for tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully, you’ll see it posted online later tomorrow. I’m looking for a great deal of interest in it because of its size, its location, and above all, its price. As chance would have it, I happened to sell it to its deceased owners many years ago which happens to be the home they raised their children, and in the end, their retirement years. It would be great if another young couple with children purchases it because of it being just one darned nice family home.

I’m looking for tomorrow to return to normal where it’s more of an “on” day than “off”, because for whatever reason, it was very much a trying Tuesday for yours truly.

Tonight’s one-liner is: It is not enough to just wish well; we must also do well.

Joe Chodur

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