The Return of the Crows

My Monday morning started off early with having to get my most recent buyers’ information sent over to the title attorney so we can hopefully make our less than thirty day closing to happen. It’s my belief that if everyone is alerted early enough on, and know from the beginning there’s a tight time frame, it can usually happen as long as we’re not waiting for an appraiser to get a home inspected and report filed in a timely manner. I know I may be sounding a bit wicked when saying that it seems as the weather gets colder, the appraisers get their reports in earlier, which means they may be spending too much time with their outdoor recreational activities. I doubt any of them would admit there being even a grain of truth in my suspicions.

I was somewhat surprised by not having a few extra aches and pains today from yesterday’s workout, but my bones can certainly tell there’s a change of weather in the offing. When I glanced at the weather report today, I was shocked to find we’re supposed to be getting between 5 – 10″ of snow starting later tomorrow and continuing on into Wednesday. I certainly hope it’s not going to create any problems for those who are traveling here to be with friends and loved ones. Let’s hope the City snowplows will be out making sure the streets are cleared before Turkey Day arrives. That much snow is going to make for hazardous driving if the wind should happen to come up, so do be careful.

The agent who sold one of my listings over the weekend text me asking if it would be OK for the buyer to go over to the home and rake the yard before the snow arrived. I text him back and asked if the buyer’s inspections were acceptable. He finally text back saying we had a green light, so I gave the nod on allowing for the leaves to be removed. That home is located where there are a great deal of oak trees, and I don’t blame him for wanting them picked up before they turn into a soggy mess when Spring arrives. Barring any problems with the appraisal, I’d say that’s going to be another quick close sale. There’s no doubt that young buyer was smitten by that vintage home’s quality and architectural beauty. They don’t build them like that anymore.

My early afternoon closing went very well, and for sure we had a soft landing to where both the buyer and sellers were delighted. As chance would have it, I just happened to find a set of porcelain figures several days ago that spoke to me when seeing them, so I picked them up, wrapped them, and gave them to the wife of the seller today. I knew she would find them all the more appealing because of their theme. She asked where I purchased them and of course I wouldn’t tell her, but when said, “They look like something I would buy.”, I knew I made the right choice. She really is a dear person who does much for many which made her all the more deserving of those four cleverly created porcelain pieces.

While walking out to my car this afternoon, I ran into a woman whom I’d done some real estate work for a number of years ago. I asked how things were going in her life, along with mentioning how happy I was to see a “hillbilly” neighbor of hers having finally sold, and the new buyer turning back that house once again into a home befitting its neighborhood. I went on to say how much more thoughtless many of our younger crowd is getting when it comes to at least taking care of the outside of their homes. She then interjected, “Well, I think there are older ones doing the same thing.” Yes, she was right, but I also added that the parents of the younger ones are to be equally blamed for not teaching their children to be more conscientious when it comes to keeping their homes at a “bare bones” minimally presentable. I’m not so sure she agreed with me, but I had to remember she’s not out in the trenches on a daily basis.

One of my late afternoon appointments was a showing of my recent listing, where the buyer was showing interest, but unfortunately his wife couldn’t make it, so there’ll be a repeat viewing of it scheduled in a few days. I’m glad we’re getting a good amount of interest in it, which indicates there are still buyers out looking in this time period which has normally been considered our slow market.

I’ve got a few more little errands to run early tomorrow morning before the snow arrives, and hopefully everyone else will be doing the same. I’ve already got my shovels ready, my sidewalk broom out, and a winter survival kit in my car. One thing I’m also carrying with me, is a spray can of WD-40 with an elongated tip on it. You can’t imagine how many times when the temps drop, I’ve used that to lubricate locks so I can get keys to easily turn. Just today I went to show a home and had one heck of a time getting a key to turn. Well, it took only a couple squirts of that oil in the keyhole, and wouldn’t you know it, the key went in and turned without a hitch. It’s no wonder why there are so many keys broken off in locks. Preventative maintenance is always the better way.

Tonight’s photo is one I took late today of our Downtown skies filled with those wicked crows. I couldn’t believe how many there were circling and landing on the roof of our post office. I’d say it must’ve been a good year for rearing their hatchlings. Once again, the return of the crows in our Historic Downtown is upon us.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The confession of evil works, is the first beginning of good works.

Joe Chodur

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