Following the Sun

Having taken care of my “church duties” late yesterday, I was all the more free to get some things done today that’ve been hanging fire. There were a few office duties I had to take care of before heading out, as well as returning a phone call to a dear one who lives out of State. We had a nice long chat about the recent happenings in our lives. I was glad to hear he’s getting out more because there’s nothing worse than living from day-to-day without some sort of human interaction to look forward to on a regular basis.

While at church yesterday, I happened to notice a medical professional in attendance who was looking all the more worn, which is likely because he’s continuing to hang onto his full-time job. Since I don’t know much about him, I’d say he’s most likely going to continue working until he’s driven out because I have a feeling he’s not made any sort of plans as to what he’ll be doing to fill his days after retirement. Some think retirement being the end of the rainbow, but others curse those years because they were too busy piling up wealth to where they forgot all about having something worthwhile to do in their golden years. I refer to people like him as being those who’ll be seated a-top their suitcases full of cash while aimlessly waiting for God. It sounds pretty sad, but it’s their own fault because they allowed greed and selfishness to consume their entire lives.

I spent about four hours today back at my little/big project which has finally turned the corner on completion, and thankfully so because I’ve been laboring on it for far too long. It would’ve long ago been completed, but as I’ve said for years, “My real estate work holds the highest priority.”, which means that I don’t place my personal projects ahead of the needs of others. I’m looking forward to having it finished these coming winter months, and for sure I’ll be posting some photos of the finished project, and when I do, please don’t think me being the show-off type, but rather one attempting to inspire others.

Several days ago I happened to run across a very old wooden trunk that was screaming “buy me”, and of course I couldn’t leave without it. What made me so interested in it, was that it not being a small one like we sometimes see, or one of the bigger ones which we find the many more of. When thinking back, I dare say I’ve not personally seen a wooden trunk of its size. Another interesting discovery was there being very little paint left on it, and what I could see was a hue of deep red. Now that’s another unusual feature because nearly all of them were either dark blue, green, or a mustard color. It has all of the hardware on it with the exception of the “guts” of the locking mechanism which someone must’ve removed long ago. Not to worry, that missing part can only be seen when its lid is open. There’s no question I’ll be doing some deep cleaning on it before I take it indoors because it reeks of a very strong pet odor. When looking at all the hand-forged metal it contains, I’d say it dates back to the 1860’s or earlier. If I can get it thoroughly cleaned, I’ll place it on exhibition at my office as a conversation piece.

After getting my four-hour workout, I decided to play hooky the rest of the day since the sun was out and the temps were hovering around 50 degrees. I drove back to my office, cleaned myself up, and jumped in my car and went driving around the countryside. I was very angry with myself for not taking my camera along because some of the sights I viewed would’ve been worthy of numerous versions of a “November” calendar page.

It’s amazing when seeing very few people doing a little sight-seeing on all the many of our charming gravel roads. The most interesting areas I found today were near the Winnebago and Shell Rock rivers. Thank goodness I still have a sense of direction because I think I would’ve found myself lost more than once. The rivers are still high which means our soil’s moisture level will carry our trees and bushes thru another winter.

It must’ve been a much needed drive because I was out there following the sun so long that it was almost dark by the time I arrived home. Of course with dusk approaching, I almost hit a buck deer up on B20. Thank goodness I was watching for those varmints because I would’ve hit him if I’d not slowed down, but the most scary, was seeing about 30 of those vile creatures out in a picked cornfield that borders the Winnebago, yet there still are those in denial about the over-population of deer we have in and around our City. I think they need to get their noses out of their social medias and go for look-see drives at dusk.

The last thing I have to do before tomorrow’s closing, is a final walk-thru on the home with its buyer. There’s no doubt that home will sustain itself for many years to come. I can’t remember having a home listed in its price range being as spotlessly clean and meticulously maintained. I’m just glad it’s going to someone who’ll take care of it.

Tonight’s one-liner is: No eulogy is due to those who simply do their duties and nothing more.

Joe Chodur

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