Buttered Eggs

With it being only 20 degrees out and of course the north wind blowing again, I made sure to dress warm enough when knowing I was going to be doing a few things outdoors this morning. I found enough to do at the office while waiting for the sun to climb higher and starting raising our temps. By the time 10:00 a.m. rolled around, I decided if I didn’t get busy, I wouldn’t get my necessary chore done before I had to be at my public open house.

You can bet I wasn’t the least bit cold while out there diligently working because I wasn’t wasting any time with my little/big project, and when finished, I was down-right tuckered out and actually sweating. What made matters worse, was having suddenly realized I had to get back to the Downtown and get some banking done before First Citizen’s drive-up closed at noon. After finishing up what was needed, I raced to the office, changed my clothes and headed to their bank. Believe it or not, I pulled up at exactly 11:59 and just happened to be their last customer before they pulled down their blinds. Talk about a close judgement call of time.

I got back to the office and had a light salad for lunch, and then did a little light reading out of this week’s issue of The Economists. One thing I really like about that weekly magazine is how it has the world’s news broken into sections, so if I want to read about Europe, I go to that section. It was pretty scary reading about what’s going on in Hong Kong right now, and I hope and pray they’re not turned into another cloned province of the rest of China. Irregardless what many think, I believe China is on a dark path of world domination. You can bet I still refuse to purchase anything made in China unless I absolutely have to.

My public open house wasn’t as successful as I was expecting, which was likely because of how pleasant it was outdoors this afternoon. To keep myself occupied, I played a few tunes on the spinet grand piano that’s still quietly standing in its living room. It has a beautiful case, but unfortunately it’s very much out of tune and in need of a thorough cleaning and refurbish. Vintage pianos are not like pieces of wooden furniture where you keep them cleaned and oiled because there are felts that get eaten by bugs, strings that get rusty, and of course soundboards that either warp or get overly-dried out. Let’s just hope whomever ends up with it, is willing to spend the time and money in restoring it back to its musical glory.

While at the home, I starting making mental notes of things I would do to make it more delightful, and the first-off would be a good re-painting of all the interior walls in a neutral color so that all the rooms would flow more freely. I would also have all the oak floors on the main level re-finished which really wouldn’t be that big of a project.

I keep reminding people that nearly all of the big ticket items have been done which includes a newer furnace and central air, updated wiring, eight nearly new thermal windows, steel siding, and a sound roof. Of course being in the hospital district, makes it all the more popular with our general public, so if you know of anyone looking for an entry-level home in a great location, please tell them about 1026 – 2nd St. NW.

Just before my open house ended, the listing agent called on the offer we have going, and informed me the sellers had countered again, but only at a $1,000 more. After my quick phone call to the buyers, we now have another home sold. When the buyers came in this afternoon to initial the changes, I said, “After seeing as many homes in this town, I’d say you’re very much up to speed on our market values.” I told them I’m actually going to miss working with them, and since we’ve spent so much time together, we’ve become well acquainted.

Before heading home, I had to make a few stops for groceries, and of course I couldn’t pass up the great deals being offered at our new Kwik Star on S. Federal. That place was packed, which didn’t surprise me because of how cheap some of their items were. I walked out with their limit on butter and eggs. One of my past customers was standing behind me and kiddingly said, “It looks like you have a thing for butter and eggs.” I smiled and said, “Most don’t realize that butter can be frozen, and eggs keep longer than you think.” I certainly didn’t want her to thinking I lived on buttered eggs.

Another stop I made was at Hy-Vee where they had apples and natural whole turkeys on sale, so I grabbed a good number of apples and a small natural turkey. I figured I’d try one this year instead of the same old turkeys I’ve purchased in the past because I’m not the biggest fan of today’s turkey meat. For some reason, regular chickens and turkeys don’t taste the same as they did years ago. I’m hoping “Tom” will be back to his original taste.

It looks like we’re in for another beautiful day tomorrow, and you can be sure I’m going to be taking every advantage of it. I’ve got more outside work to do, and some much needed deep interior cleaning. Thank goodness those nasty Locust trees in our Downtown have finally finished dropping their leaves and leaf stems.

Tonight’s one-liner is: If you’re planning to build a tower that will pierce the clouds, you must first lay a deep foundation of humility.

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