Twas quite the biting cold outside and certainly glad I was in my warm vehicle while driving up to Forest City early this morning to pick up my sold sign and take the lockbox off a home that was set to close before noon. That was another sale that went like clockwork with the financing. As I was approaching Forest City, I remembered that on October the 12th, I had a public open house on it which made me a little disgusted at the time over the weather because there was more than a light dusting of snow that day. It’s no wonder we feel like winter’s arrived too soon when remembering that on the 12th of October was the beginning of those colder than normal weeks we had to endure.

When driving thru their downtown, I noticed their courthouse having enclosed scaffolding on one side which indicated they’re doing some restoration/improvements on that grand old gal. When seeing how beautiful Hancock, Winnebago, and Franklin County courthouses are, it makes me internally angry all over again when knowing the imbeciles running our County at the time, gave the nod to tear down the landmark Courthouse we had. So much for thinking forward.

Whenever seeing snap decisions being made on items in need of more thorough consideration, I’m convinced the number of people who live only “in the now” are growing, which is definitely the by-product of too much time spent on the internet and social medias. Just think about how little if anything you find in the medias that inspire thought or creativity. The reason why, is because we’re all just passive spectators. Oh and you can be sure the very young are being saturated with it all the more. Take a closer look at the toys parents are giving their children these days, and you’ll find nearly all of them computerized in one way or another.

I decided to drive back to Mason City on Hwy 9, and just as I was about a mile inside Worth County, I noticed in the distance another one of those wide and long-loaded windmill blades being hauled by a flatbed semi. Whenever following behind or one of them coming towards me like today’s, I always warily slow down. Just as I was approaching it, a smaller delivery truck which was a ways ahead of me, ran right into a car that must’ve tried to pass that semi. You can bet I was shaken by what I saw. The delivery truck ended up half-way in the ditch while the smashed car stood still in the middle of the road.

You can bet there was a whole lot of commotion with people jumping out of their vehicles to see if help was needed. I didn’t stay very long, but while there, I didn’t see anyone getting out of either that truck or car which concerned me all the more. I was far enough back from them, and as chance would have it, I was only a few yards from the Joice blacktop which enabled me to continue on my journey back to Mason City in another direction. I do hope and pray there were no serious injuries sustained.

It took a few minutes for me to get settled down, and as I was driving, I mentally reminded myself to be all the more careful around those semi-trailers carrying long and wide loads. There’ve been times when I’ve seen frustrated drivers following them and then trying to pass. I don’t ever remember trying to pass because it’s not a risk worth taking. I’ll have to watch the local news to see if there was a report on that accident.

My late morning closing had a very soft landing, and while visiting with the buyer, I discovered he’d been looking for something like what he just purchased for some time, and luckily he was able to get it under contract before someone else offered on it. He said the deciding factor was the tricked-out heated garage/workshop which at first glace appeared more like a main floor man cave than a garage. We both agreed that if one were to build it today, it’s build-out price would be reaching into the $40K range.

Later this afternoon I met with the seller of 415 – 1st St. SE to talk about my marketing strategy. We agreed that more education is needed with buyers regarding how all the big ticket items on it have already been done. Another key feature that seems to be overlooked, is its close proximity to the library, museum, new hockey arena, and Downtown shopping. Since it’s on a tucked-away street, most buyers who’re out driving around, don’t realize it’s there. The address is also confusing because most think it’s 1st NE instead of 1st SE which makes a big difference in one’s mental perception of those totally different neighborhoods. I’m really am “jell-bent” on getting it sold.

It looks like I have another one of my office listings under contract. The selling agent is supposed to get his buyer’s initials on the changes so I can get the seller’s signatures. I’m not looking for any problems, but since I’m not representing the buyer, I’m only relying on what the other agent is telling me.

I also have an offer out on a property which we were assured by the listing agent to have an answer from the sellers by 2:00 pm tomorrow. It’s been a real struggle trying to get that one put together, but I’m confident it’ll get financed and closed as long as both parties finally come together on price. If I were those sellers, I would’ve had that contract signed and be done with it because his haggling over small percentages is nonsensical when looking at the whole picture.

Tonight’s one-liner is: A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.

Joe Chodur

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