Thumb a Ride

It was a busy hump day for me with having to check on a vacant home first thing this morning, just so to make sure a contractor was able to get in to get a few minor repairs done. I then headed out to the east side of our City to pick up my sold sign and remove the lockbox on a home that was set to close later this morning, and after returning to my office, I responded to several emails that had come in during the night.

Since it had been far too many weeks since I had my hair cut, I figured it time to skedaddle over to Garner to my cousin’s barber shop, “Gentleman’s Way” and get a long-overdue hair cut. It was a more pleasant drive than usual because of their not being so much heavy traffic in Clear Lake, and just before I arrived in Garner, the high cloud cover had finally cleared which made our barren country landscapes more appealing.

When I walked into his shop he took one look at me and said, “By the look of your hair, it must’ve been months since you were here.” Ouch! Yes, it was longer than usual, but little did he know I had it trimmed several times since I was there the last time. I asked him not to cut it as short as before because of winter coming on, and that he did.

Having known him for a number of years, our conversations are pretty much filterless when visiting with each other. He always likes to talk about the happenings with his growing family, along with things taking place in the Garner/Hancock County area.

I was delighted to hear how well his business is doing which I knew would happen because of his hair-cutting abilities. To my surprise, he’s already booked all the way up toward Christmas with after-hour appointments. When I called him this morning, the only opening he had was 10:00 am which worked for me.

There were countless times over the years when I insisted he open his own shop, and then one day it finally hit him. I’m very happy about his success and certainly wish him even more in the years to come. The driving back and forth from Garner and Mason City every work day was something he definitely doesn’t miss.

It was perfect timing with that appointment because by the time he finished and then driving to Clear Lake, I managed to causally pull up to the bank where my closing was taking place about five minutes before it started. I did take a longer drive to the downtown by turning off the highway just past Ventura and then following North Shore Drive the rest of the way in. When seeing all those monster homes on that stretch which are squeezed in along the shoreline like sardines, I can’t imagine how anyone could be so possessed to live so close. I swear it must be all those suffering from the “Look at me!” syndrome.

There’s too much traffic and all the more pedestrians out during the Summer to where I doubt there’s not a quiet moment for anyone living in those homes. I happened to notice a sold sign on a million dollar home which one of my competitors has listed, and I just so happen to know the couple who bought it. I believe they’re both retired now from their dental professions. He was a dentist and she worked on the clerical end of his office.

Everyone thinks doctors are the ones with suitcases full of cash, but the real money-makers/hoarders are dentists. They’re very good at keeping their cash-cow practices from appearing too successful, but when seeing a million dollar home recently being purchased by one of them, it was but one more of all the many glaring truths about dentists. So if you’re wanting your son or daughter to be exceptionally wealthy by the time they retire so they can take good care of you, encourage them to become dentists. In these times, it’s far more lucrative because of all the extras and add-on tests they encourage their patients to have. I call them their double and triple-dip billing practices.

My closing at Clear Lake Bank and Trust went very well, and having met the buyers for the first time, I was delighted to find them younger copies of the sellers who are downright darned nice people. That home must be a magnet for like-mined owners because I knew the previous owners who were also pleasingly memorable people.

On the way back from my closing, I stopped at First Citizens to drop off a loan payoff, and while there, I was informed that starting this coming Monday, the teller lines and mortgage loan offices will be in their new spots, which means we won’t have to be following those “blue lines” in their temporary hallways any longer.

The rest of my day was spent following up on showings and updating my sellers on recent activity. There were a few drop-ins and short visits by several dear clients, and one of them being a woman who’s always able to get me laughing about the silliest of happenings in our fair City. The reason I like her so much is that she’s a realist who freely tells it as she sees it. Very few know how much she’s done over the years for the needy in our community, and that’s exactly the way she wants it.

The above photo is one I took of a monster bus that was parked just down from my office this morning. While parking, I was in near shock when seeing how large it was. I could see some of the interior because there was a gentleman inside with the lights on and motor purring. What a way to see the world! I was half tempted to run back out there as they was leaving and try to thumb a ride. Considering its size, I’d say that baby offers every creature comfort imaginable.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

Joe Chodur

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