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There’s no question nearly all of us were delighted to find our temps hovering around 50 degrees today which gave us a welcome reprieve from those bone-chilling weeks we’ve already endured. It sounds like it’ll be above freezing for the next seven days, and that’s just OK by me.

Most of my morning was spent doing some follow-up emailing and phoning that I couldn’t get back to during yesterday’s roller-coaster ride of real estate duties. Oh well, we just have to make do with the number of hours in a day and leave it at that.

My afternoon appointment with my second showing of a home went well which is giving me hope the buyers will be making their decision quickly instead of waiting too long and end up loosing it to another buyer. I reminded them once again we do have it priced to sell.

It really surprises me we haven’t had an offer on 112 N. Crescent Drive. What a knock-out home! If I were in the market, I would’ve had that one under contract the first day it hit the MLS. It’s sad how all the many more buyers simply do not want to tackle cosmetics or possible updates needed on rock-solid homes. I did mention to someone today that I checked the oak flooring under its carpets, and to my delight, it has the much thicker oak which is easier to refinish. It’s unfortunate we weren’t able to get it on the market sooner and that was do to waiting for tenants to get themselves relocated. Please put the word out on that classic, and don’t forget, it has to get sold because it’s part of an estate.

One of my clients whom I help rent his homes, stopped by yesterday with the key to one that is now vacant, so mid-morning I went out and took photos and then posted it online for rent. For being only a 1 bedroom, it really is a roomy home that would be perfect for a single person or couple. Since I’m a pushover for welcoming porches, its enclosed porch would be a great place to enjoy Summer evenings. The home is located at 1441 N. President and available now. The rent is $450.00 per month, no pets, and no smokers. Another one of my clients is readying one of his rentals, and if he gets all the little touch-ups done, that one will be soon posted.

I’m going to have a busy morning tomorrow with the closing on a home, and the bank it’s taking place at, is over in Clear Lake. The sellers did a bang-up job on making it presentable prior to getting it listed which came as no surprise we had it under contract in a little over a week. I couldn’t have thanked the owners enough for making the sale of their home so streamlined. If only many of the other sellers would learn from their example, there’d be all the more sold in our market.

When dealing with a few more rentals than normal this past month, I’d say there’s a growing shortage of good units in our City. Of course I do press many of those prospective tenants to buy instead of rent because our interest rates are ridiculously low right now. Just for example, I’ll be closing next week on a very nice two bedroom home that would’ve rented for likely five or six hundred dollars a month. The new buyer’s full house payment which includes taxes and insurance is only going to be $370.00 per month. Isn’t that crazy? I think that buyer needs to get the word out as to how much money is going to be saved year-over-year.

I did place a call late this afternoon to one of my clients whom I know doesn’t allow pets in her rentals, and that call was to tell her that when driving by it today, I happened to notice a giant Persian cat sitting in the front window sunning itself. I’m afraid those tenants are going to get an earful from her because there’s never been a variance with her no pet policy. Please don’t think I hate cats or dogs because I don’t, but going against a hard and fast rule of a landlord is unacceptable in my book.

I did get a good laugh while out showing today and mentioning to a young buyer who was looking at an addition to that home’s garage, and my mentioning to him it was big enough for a workshop or man cave, or possibly even a she-cave for his girlfriend. His hilarious come-back was, “Oh no. This would be my ME cave.” After my knee-jerk laugh I did thank him for giving me another word to use for such spaces.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Always listen to the other side.

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