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Another creepy gray day came and went, and in spite of the weather, I was kept busy enough for the hours to quickly pass. It didn’t surprise me when getting a call from a prospective buyer on my new listing at 508 Bridge St. in Plymouth. Fortunately I had time to run up there and show it right away this morning. The buyer seemed quite interested in it, and it won’t surprise me if after tomorrow’s second showing, there’ll be an offer coming in on it. Considering the size and features of that home, I’d say it’s well worth the money they’re asking. Even in small towns, there are always those preferred sections over their less desirable, and fortunately, this one is located in the preferred area.

I was surprised to hear they closed down their only bar in town again after being in business for just one year. What I believe to be one of Plymouth’s down-falls, is that it isn’t serviced with natural gas, and instead, they all have to burn propane which isn’t the most preferred because of how LP gas prices fluctuate over the course of a year, and all new owners learn very quickly the need to have enough money saved ahead so they can pay to have their tanks filled. When thinking about it just now, I am surprised they haven’t sent petitions to our State asking to have gas lines installed.

Another thing I like about Plymouth, is that it’s located in Cerro Gordo County which makes for less chasing around to another county seat to get taxes paid and license plates purchased. I would say that after all these years of selling homes in Plymouth, there’s been a noticeable difference in how people take care of their homes. Now if they could get a charming convenience store built like Quick Star or Casey’s, I think there’d be more people willing to move there. Another bonus for them is having the Shell Rock River running along its borders which if promoted properly, would be another seasonal drawing card.

While driving up and back from Plymouth, I realized it’s that time of year again where we see all the more road-kill raccoons. It must have something to do with the farmers getting their crops out of their fields which causes them to gravitate toward highways and blacktops. When visiting with someone today, I mentioned how they’re another vile creature that’ll eat just about anything dead or alive, along with seizing every opportunity to get into attics of homes, barn lofts, and hay sheds. It’s too bad coon pelts aren’t as sought after as in generations past, which now makes for all the fewer trappers who used to help keep their populations down.

You can bet our City’s storm sewer systems have likely hundreds of those creatures enjoying their naturally temperature-controlled subterranean condos. Whenever you’re out driving at night and see something that looks like a cat scurrying down into one, you can bet it isn’t a cat. Believe me, I’ve seen all the many coons crawling in and out of them. Someone recently said how angry he gets when finding his pesky neighborhood cats always tearing open his garbage bags the night before they’re to be picked up. I had to internally laugh when knowing he likely doesn’t have a cat problem, but rather a bigger coon problem. Like I said, they’ll eat anything.

I’ve gone ahead and scheduled a public open house for my new listing at 1026 – 2nd NW for this coming Saturday. I’m hoping to be able to catch a hospital worker who’s looking for a new home. The good thing about it being on 2nd NW, is that it’s close enough to the hospital to walk to work, yet far enough to where you don’t have hospital employees parking in front of your home all day. The streets in those blocks south of 1st NW are filled with cars the entire day to where if you’re looking for a place to park, you may end up walking a half block or more from the home you’re wanting to show. Most buyers don’t realize how bad the parking situation is in that district until they end up moving there. The hospital should’ve built a three or four story parking ramp on their campus years ago. Just think how many homes that were swallowed up by parking lots and no longer on our tax roles. Don’t even get me started on the subject of all the many non-profits in our City which pay zero in real estate taxes.

Now that we’re a little over a week away from Thanksgiving, there’s no doubt many of you have already made plans as to where you’re going and what you’re either serving or taking to another’s home. Yes, I do remember all the many Thanksgivings I’ve attended and/or hosted over the years, but as the years have rolled on, I’ve come to the realization that there are those I’d rather not ever experience again, while others I’d wish having yearly repeats. In that line of thinking, someone came into my office today wearing a baseball cap which had written on its bill, “My Respect is Earned but Beatings are Free.” I did get a much needed belly laugh out of that one.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Deep down, we all want our friends to miss us as long as we miss them.

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