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With our month nearly half over, I’m quite happy that I’ve been busy enough to where the days have been flying by, and thankful for it because November is my most despised month, and December/January being not far behind. The dark days and long nights can be wearing when knowing one is pretty much trapped indoors for all the more hours.

Since I’m not a fan of watching television, I work at finding other things to keep myself occupied, and one of them is reading. Speaking of reading, a dear friend of mine mentioned something about an author she’s grown to like. As chance would have it, I’ve never read anything written by Ayn Rand. My client strongly suggested I read “Atlas Shrugged” which was one of Rand’s more popular fictions. I was warned that it was very long, so I guess it will be a good one for this winter’s reading. Not that I consider myself more familiar with popular authors, I found myself surprised by never having heard of Ayn Rand, so I guess I’ll be veering off into an uncharted territory of reads. What has made me all the more willing and wanting to read that book, is because my friend is convinced Ayn Rand was a visionary because what she wrote over a half century ago is very much applicable to our times.

It was a lackluster day for real estate work, so I busied myself with other things requiring attention. There were those little errands that needed to be run, and more checking on vacant homes I have listed by making sure their furnaces were running. I also did my paying forward by purchasing several furnace filters to replace some exceptionally dirty ones in homes. It amazes me how careless homeowners and tenants can be when it comes to making sure their furnace filters are changed on a regular basis because they not only keep their furnaces from working all the harder, but also by removing those fine air-borne particles which can create health issues. Who wants all the more dust particles floating around in their homes during the winter?

I stopped at one of my client’s homes while out, just to see how she’s doing with getting it cleaned up after two naughty monkey tenants were evicted. Thank goodness I didn’t see it the day after they moved because from what she was telling me, it was a horrible mess. I asked from what age group the couple that had lived was in, and not to my surprise, they were in that 25 – 35 group. From what she told me, they did absolutely no cleaning from the time they moved in nearly four years ago. My client who’s a more than forgiving person, announced that this time she’s going to take them in small claims court for all the neglect and damage they’d done to her home.

When she mentioned how many bags of empty beer and liquor bottles they’d left in the garage, I’d say they were more interested in getting themselves liquored up every night which makes the humans all more lazy. I patted her on the back and soulfully said, “Don’t worry, karma will be waiting for the right moment to settle the score.” While driving away, I was thinking about how good it is for all the more landlords to go after such slobs because they may start spreading the word to their piggy friends about the lawsuits filed against them by their previous landlords and then be all the more careful with what they do or don’t do in the homes they rent.

After returning to my office, I made a few more necessary calls and then busied myself with desk work and research. I’ve got three different buyers who’re looking for homes, and we’ve pretty much seen all the possibilities that are currently listed, which means I’m checking new listings in our MLS more than once a day. I did call a seller today who’s getting ready to list her father’s home, and hopefully we’ll have it listed soon because I think one of my buyers may end of purchasing it. Having already seen it, all the features they’ve been wanting are contained within that home.

As we approach Thanksgiving, our market will be slowing all the way thru Christmas. We still sell homes during that time period, but the sales are few and farther between. After hearing Alliant Energy is eliminating the positions of a hefty number of workers, I will not be surprised if there’ll be homes owned by some of them that’ll be listed for sale because it’s going to be hard for them to find like salaries in North Iowa, which will force them to seek jobs with other far-away utility companies. I hate being right when saying I warned a number of people this was going to happen after Alliant Energy decided to automate and subcontract. It’s downright terrible to see how companies work at getting rid of loyal employees who’ve expected to be with such companies until they retired. I continue to warn everyone about how fickle most corporations have grown to where you can be there today, and gone tomorrow.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Occupy yourself with beholding and bewailing your own imperfections rather than contemplating the imperfections of others.

Joe Chodur

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