A Book Worm’s Bane

With it being Veteran’s Day, it came as no surprise that our Downtown wasn’t as busy as as my normal Mondays considering all the Government offices and banks were closed. Not to worry because I had more than enough to do during those quieter hours. My first job was to sweep that light dusting of snow off my front sidewalks which had accumulated overnight. It’ll never cease to amaze me when seeing bicycle tracks so early in the morning. With tongue in cheek, I still believe there must be some all-night progressive book club meetings lasting into the wee hours of the morning. It’s unfortunate those bikers can’t be stopped and have their backpacks searched because there’d likely be a book worm’s bane found within.

Since a client of mine is visiting from out of State, I was called to spend some time with him regarding some issues he’s having with his real estate investments here in North Iowa. There really weren’t any major issues to be addressed which made our meeting short and sweet.

I finally managed to get all of this month’s office accounting completed a few days later than usual which was due to the many extra appointments and interruptions I had the first days of November. I also spent some extra time de-cluttering the work table in my back office which I normally use for my accounting and bill paying because of how large it is, and with it being so long, all the extra papers and publications seem to magically find their way there on a regular basis. After today’s house-cleaning, that table now appears twice bigger, but not to worry because that empty space will start filling in once again, and all thanks to yours truly.

Around mid-morning I stopped over to our local lumberyard and ordered a few necessary items, and while visiting with my favorite clerk, I was informed their sales were getting better which is an indication that more of our residents are preferring quality over price. We all know the name of the building materials company in our City that prides itself by saving us big bucks, but neglect to mention the lack of quality in much of what they sell. As always in the end, you get what you pay for, or possibly even deserve.

With that wind blowing so hard today, I just couldn’t seem to stay comfortably warm nearly the entire day. I think the bodies of native North Iowans have over the years internally registered when the cold will arrive, and by then, they’re prepared for it, but with these far too early days of biting cold, we’re suffering all the more. I’m still in dis-belief it’s supposed to drop below zero overnight. Ugh!

I was having thoughts of Hayward Minnesota today and thinking about how they don’t have the wind or the heavy snow which we’re plagued with every winter. After hearing from my clients who moved there a year ago, and saying how much more they’re enjoying winter up there than they did here, I guess it’s all about particular locations rather than how much farther north one lives. The wife raved about how the snow falls lightly to the ground and the next morning when the sun comes up, her dooryard appears as though millions of diamonds had fallen from the sky overnight. Yes, I do remember snowfalls here like that, but maybe once or twice over the winter, and that’s if the sun would be shining and the wind not blowing. Living in our near treeless flatlands, there’s not much to keep that cold wind from finding even the smallest of our cracks and crevices to torment.

While at the grocery store this evening, I ran into a dear one whom I’ve know for many years. She just recently retired and enjoying every day of it. She mentioned how glad she was in making the decision to pull herself out of the work world because of how much more profit oriented her company had grown to where the stress at times would be unbearable.

We had a good chat about the old days where employees were valued as necessary components to a company’s growth which created win/win situations for all. We both agreed that in the end, it becomes counter-productive because it’s almost always a state of “us against them”. My opinion is that if we’re going to make America great again, it must start with the re-education of those on the top rungs of our corporate and government ladders. I had to give her a good holiday hug before I left, along with wishing her the very best in her golden retirement.

Tonight’s one-liner is: We have all tasted the bitterness as well as the sweetness of coffee.

Joe Chodur

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