Blazing Sunsets

I’d say it was one of those whirlwind days to where I was on the move nearly every moment while attempting to fill the real estate needs of others, and for sure, I should’ve eaten a big bowl of Wheaties for breakfast because by the time my last appointment was over, I was metaphysically dragging.

Nearly my entire morning was spent showing ten homes to a young couple looking in wide price ranges along with various likes. It was our third outing, and still nothing that was catching their eye. I’m pretty much up to speed on what they want, but I’m not so sure their “keeper” has yet to be placed on the market. No doubt, they’ll be giving me another list of possibilities to look at in a day or two. It really hasn’t bothered me when having to show that many homes because it has given me an opportunity to see all the more homes that are listed by my competitors.

I couldn’t help being a little critical during a number of today’s showings because it becomes a near jaw-drop for me when seeing the crazy wall colors and visible filth. The deep hues on every wall is a great mistake as far as I’m concerned because those should only be used as color accents on one wall only, and parents who give their young children the right to pick whatever colors they want for their bedrooms is a huge mistake. I’ve seen pink and green, blue and purple, black and yellow, and chartreuse painted on the walls and sometimes even the ceilings of children’s bedrooms. Not cool.

For whatever reason, I was noticing today all the more dirty walls, doors, and floors during those showings, which makes me wonder why sellers are not being told by their listing agents to keep their homes presentable. Of course any seller that has dogs or cats living with them are going to have a harder time getting them sold because no matter if buyers have their own pets, they’re not so willing to purchase one that has animals living within, and if you don’t believe me, check the statistics.

I can’t help but laugh to myself at times when working with critical buyers when later finding how poorly they’ve kept their own living quarters. It’s almost like they’re blind to their own, but eagle-eyed when pointing out some of the most minuscule imperfections in others. There’d be some jaw-drops in our general public if able to see thru the walls of those outwardly appearing to be clean freaks. Sometimes public perceptions are nothing more than grand illusions, and that even includes those faux sugar-and-spice people who turn into venom-spitting creatures after they’ve returned home and set aside their customized “societal masks” which they’d personally created to hide their true characters.

My public open house at 422 S. Tennessee Place went well to where there was a buyer there for a second look. I had all the answers to his questions which were to his satisfaction, and since his wife had already seen it, he said they’ll be talking it over and likely getting back to me. As far as I’m concerned, that condo is the best buy on today’s market, and whomever buys it, will be building instant equity going forward.

While picking up my tent signs, I happened upon an old schoolmate who was working on his mother-in-laws yard. Since I hadn’t spoken with him in ages, I was able to get caught up on the happenings within his extended family. I’ve done a great deal of real estate work for those families over the years, and certainly enjoy visiting with them whenever opportunities arise. It sounds like they’re all getting together for a grande Thanksgiving get-together. That’ll be a fun event.

I did happen to read where these recent weeks have been unseasonably cold due to the jet stream having dipped southward, and I hope it’s not going to become a habit this winter because I’ll not be looking forward to a repeat of those wickedly cold temperatures we had during our past winter.

My last appointment was to show a major fixer-upper to a buyer and his contractor friend. Oh my goodness! I was once again reminded how strong the constitutions are of humans when able to live in such filth on a daily basis. I cautioned them regarding whomever should purchased it, would have to tear up all of the flooring down to the sub-floor because of the amount of animal waste that had seeped into the wood. I’ve seen as well as heard enough confirming stories regarding the lingering odors of pet urine to make me a believer. Rest assured, it’s nasty stuff.

The above photo is one I took late this afternoon after the sun dropped below the horizon. It was one of the most blazing sunsets I’ve seen in months. Of course if you really watch for them, sunsets that take place during these weeks, can be the most striking.

Tonight’s one-liner is: A true friend is long sought, hardly found, and with difficulty kept.

Joe Chodur

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