Footprints in the Sand

Yours truly was not a happy camper when finding it hovering around four degrees while on my way to work this morning, and the first order of the my day was to get some snow shoveling done. Ugh! For sure I’m going to have to find myself a good pair of warm gloves because the ones I have don’t even come close to keeping my fingers warm.

When I returned to the office, I found there’d been a number of emails that had come in which needed to be quickly answered, and when speaking to a dear colleague, we both agreed how all the many expect instant results to where it’s almost comical. You do remember one of those old commercials that went something like, “You want it when?”

There happens to be a certain nameless semi-professional who sends demanding emails from time to time, but whenever emailing that particular person, you can expect to possibly get a response perhaps a day after sending a second requesting email. Now that’s what I call a lopsided form of professionalism.

One of my appointments today was to show the Lady Bug restaurant in Clear Lake. When seeing all the recent sales of properties in that district, I told today’s buyer that what I’d do is just buy and hold it for several years before making any decisions on re-modeling it or a new build-out. There’s no question Clear Lake is on a burn to being our shining star of North Central Iowa, and if that be the case, the Lady Bug property will certainly be worth all the more in the coming years.

I’m not sure if it’s correct or if the person that told me is exaggerating, but I was informed just recently that there was a million dollar lakeshore home in Clear Lake that was purchased, and then scraped off for a new build-out. Talk about willful waste and conspicuous consumption! With the short summers we have, how can anyone justify spending that kind of money and consider it a sound investment? When time permits, I’ll have to look up this past year’s lakeshore real estate transfers that took place over there. It will not surprise me if what he told me is true.

I’m still babying along my recent sales, and it looks like we may be closing several of them before Thanksgiving arrives. I’m sure everyone would like to be settled in for Turkey Day so they can fully enjoy one of our Country’s favorite Holidays, and speaking of Holidays, I almost forgot that next Monday is Veteran’s Day which means all the banks and government offices will be closed.

I gave up my lunch hour today to go out to a flooring store and help one of my clients pick out a style of flooring for her kitchen/dining area. It ended up being narrowed down to three, so I did a little nudging for her to pick the one I thought most appropriate.
Since she’ll be selling it in the near future, I really want her home to show well, and sometimes there are sellers who get a little wild in wanting what they like best instead of picking something that would be generally appealing to most buyers.

Since I’ve been so terribly busy with phone calls and real estate work outside my office, I’m going to have to work really hard at getting bills paid and some much needed accounting done tomorrow because I have to make another trip up to Northwood, and then get back to setting up a number of showings I have scheduled for this weekend.

There’s no question I’ll be loaded up with duties nearly all weekend which also includes playing for St. Paul Lutheran Church’s Sunday morning Service, but hopefully I’ll have several hours in that afternoon free which will give me time to get my own personal work done, and if not, I know what I’ll be doing on Veteran’s Day.

When visiting with one of the members of St. Paul Lutheran earlier this week, I couldn’t help but mention how I believe their house of worship is filled with a great and good spirit because the more I’m there, the more I can “feel” it. When saying this, I must say it’s not something you can see, touch, taste or smell, but you know it’s there. It came as a bit of a surprise when the woman agreed when saying, “You’re right, because I can also feel it.” When thinking about it, I’d say it also borders on form of reverence.

The above photo is another one I took yesterday after the snow had accumulated. Instead of footprints in the sand, we had footprints in the snow. Let’s hope these below normal temperatures will be short-lived for the remaining days of this month.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The wise person often shuns society for fear of being bored.

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