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Once it got above freezing, I’d say we had another beautiful day in North Iowa with sunshine and no wind. I’ve come to the conclusion that if we could find a way to stop the wind from blowing all winter, even I would start enjoying it. In a futuristic thought, I’d say our world governments should stop trying to build bigger and better bombs, and work at creating computerized wind deflectors for cities and towns to where they’d rise up out of underground compartments and reach tall enough to where the wind would blow up and over what they’re protecting. I know it sounds crazy, but as we all know, nearly everything’s possible in time.

My first appointment of the day was a pre-listing on a home which if priced right, would sell relatively quickly, but of course all too many of today’s sellers have higher prices in mind when looking at the price tags of other over-priced homes. Unfortunately, they never hear what they end up selling for which oft times is many thousands less than what they were originally listed at. I could go on for hours talking about grossly over-priced homes which nearly always ended up getting listed by one of my competitors because I quoted the sellers too low of a price, but in the end, most all of them sold in the sale price ranges I gave them. Believe me, it wasn’t anything magical.

Thank goodness the seller is part of a family I’ve done a great deal of business with over the years, and fortunately she was in somewhat of an agreement on listing and selling prices. I really didn’t see much that needed to be done other than some de-cluttering which is normally the case when someone’s lived in a home for a number of years. We sat and had a good chat about the recent happenings in her family and then left. I’d say that if she does decide to sell, it’ll be two or three months out.

When I got back to my office, I received a call from an “in the know” who proceeded to tell me that a member of a family which our office had taken care of all their real estate needs for at least two generations, had for some unexplainable reason, decided to work with another agent when purchasing a rather expensive home. I bristled for a moment, but then said, “As we all know, there are no good deeds that go unpunished, and for sure, considering all the pro bono work did did for them over the years, I’m getting a good shellacking.” There’s no doubt that particular agent is grinning like a cheshire cat in knowing that family was always clients of our office. I’d wager if their parents were alive, they’d now be chewing on their ears. But, it’s just another example of how mentalities have changed in the younger generations.

I spent the rest of my morning setting appointments for home showings tomorrow afternoon once I’m finished with my public open house at Prairie Place on 1st. I’m hoping the weather is going to be more pleasant than it was the last time I hosted an open house over there because it was raining on and off that afternoon. We do have several buyers that are very interested in two of those units and if they go under contract, there’ll only be four units left, and those being two of the largest 2 bedrooms, and two 1 bedroom units. I’ve been on a burn to get them all sold before the 1st of the year, and I”ll bet the last ones to go will be the 1 bedroom units.

My public open house at 112 N. Crescent Drive went exceptionally well to where there were people coming and going the entire two hour time slot. It won’t surprise me if one of the people there will end up owning it. As far as I’m concerned, that home is one heck of a buy considering the price of homes around it. More than once I told the people looking at it, “There’s no question in my mind that every dollar you spend upgrading this home, you’ll get well over a dollar back when you go to sell it.”

I was delighted to see one of my very dear ones stopping by for a look, and I felt bad that I couldn’t spend more time alone with him, but I think he understood. Sometimes I’d swear he’s genetically related to me because he bears a great resemblance to one of my siblings who passed away a number of years ago. Please don’t think it creepy when I say, “Every time I look at his eyes, it’s as if I’m looking at hers.” In spite of being much younger, he has a great understanding of it all which I find refreshing.

While visiting with him, I couldn’t help mentioning how unfortunate it is at times when one’s long-term memory kicks in and the “news reels” start. I had to clarify myself regarding certain people by saying, “I don’t harbor ill will towards anyone, but instead, I just kick it over to karma and leave it for her to sort out.” There was another young gentleman who dropped by just to say “Hello”, and while in conversation with him, I couldn’t help but chide him a bit for not having himself completely moved into a home we closed on a number of weeks ago. I discovered today how much he despises painting walls and ceilings. I guess I shouldn’t have said at the time that it’s best to get all the painting done before moving in.

All in all, it was a fine day to be out and about, visiting with dear ones, and meeting new faces. After getting a few good hugs from “dears ones” over the course, I’d say it ended up being a near perfect Saturday.

Tonight’s one-liner is: By all means, let’s be opened minded, but not so open that our brains drop out.

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