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It certainly dropped below freezing last night because while driving to work, I noticed frost on the windshields of cars and on roofs of homes I passed, and once the sun came up, there were leaves magically falling to earth. In some areas, it looked at times like a light brown snow. In just a day’s time, one particular maple tree I drive past on a daily basis, had leaves on it yesterday, but late this afternoon, nearly all of them had fallen. It’s been a weird Fall because there’ve been trees that should’ve started turning colors, but have continued to remain almost completely green. For sure those will be dropping as frost-burned green.

Pretty much the bulk of my day was spent preparing for my double-header open house weekend. I’m hosting 112 N. Crescent Drive tomorrow from 1:00 – 3:00 pm, and on Sunday, I’ll be giving tours of Prairie Place on 1st from 1:00 – 3:00 pm.

I’m looking for a good turnout at 112 N. Crescent Drive because of its location, size, and quality of construction. There’s no question in my mind whomever buys it and throws some money at it, will have an eye-catching home for far less than if they’d purchased something already finished. The bonuses on that home are the double garage and size of the yard. Most homes in that district have much smaller yards because of how tight those lots are in that subdivision. I absolutely love how high it sits off the street and most of all, its grand front porch. What a great place to people watch!

About three hours of my afternoon was spent doing some domestic work for a dear old client who’s been in need of someone to do a few chores around his home. He never asks for anything because of his pride, but yesterday I mentioned my having some free time to spend with him, so I cloaked my purpose of going over there as simply a visit, but little did he know I was heading over to work while visiting.

When you get to be a certain age, there are always those physical restraints that keep people from doing what they’ve been accustomed, but sooner or later, the “old age” disease catches up with all of us. Thank goodness he’s not the type who fights against a person who’s freely willing to assist. Unfortunately, one of my dear relatives was married to an old codger who would throw a fit or pout for a day or two anytime someone wanted to tidy things up in their home.

Between visiting and working, I did complete what I noticed being the most glaring which made me happy having the time to do it, and especially with him seated nearby telling stories of generations past. Today’s story centered around his many years of working at Decker’s packing house which closed more than a generation ago. He worked on the “line” where they’d cut certain parts of hogs as they went down an over-head conveyor. While he was talking about it, I couldn’t help but think how few people in these times would make a career out of going to a job every day and stand in one position slicing hog carcasses. Believe it or not, he considered it an excellent paying job with good benefits. My oh my, how times have changed.

After I finished up, I sat and visited with him for another 20 minutes, then bid my adieu because I figured there’d be work waiting for me back at my office. Of course he couldn’t thank me enough for what little I did, but it should’ve been me thanking him for having the opportunity to spend time with such a dear soul. I’m sure his neighbors were wondering why I was there so long because I normally don’t stay only 15 minutes and that’s if I should have time to stop whenever in his neighborhood. They were probably over there right after I left asking if he was planning on selling. Remember, Mason City is not a city, but rather a bloated village.

When I got back to my office, I changed my clothes and went back to being a Realtor. There were several phone messages that came in which I returned, and while out, a few emails arrived which I responded to, and one of them was regarding the offer that’s been going back and fort these past several days. It doesn’t look like we’re going to come together on price, so back to the drawing board we’ll go. Oh well, we can’t win them all.

On my way home I stopped at the grocery store, and while there, I ran into a Downtown businessperson. Since I’d not spoken to him in many months, we had a good chat about things happing in our central business district. I had to laugh when he mentioned how much he works at staying under the radar because of all the vitriol language people have been using while engaged in conversation with others. I couldn’t agree more while asking where and when it’s all going to stop. Unfortunately he thinks it’s here to stay. I hope he’s 1,000% wrong.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Forgiveness is a funny thing because it warms the heart while cooling the sting.

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