Pink Rubber Ducky

It was yet another “follow the bouncing ball” day again where there was always something in need of immediate attention. I always smile to myself whenever someone in the general public makes some sort of sassy remark about how Realtors just sit around waiting for a buyer or seller to come walking thru their office doors. Oh how not so.

Several days ago I ran into an old client at the grocery store whom I hadn’t seen in some time, and while visiting and laughing about several of our toxic transactions, I was reminded me of how much I’d gone above and beyond the call of duty when helping him get a relative’s estate home cleared out. I shuddered when he spoke of it because I fully recall the garage of that home which I’d offered to clean out which was about shoulder-high of useless junk, but without looking all the closer before agreeing, I later discovered the decedent had stored large sacks of bird seed within, and you can only imagine the amount of bird seed hulls and mouse droppings I encountered. I’d wager there must’ve been multiple families of mice having a heyday. When I say it must’ve been a large number of mice, I’m being conservative. Oh, and I almost forgot the number of squirrels that had stored nuts in its attic and all their sharp emptied shells scattered about. I’d say that was truly a paying it forward project. But there was a happy ending to where it was sold and now a very nice family home.

I got a good belly laugh when an old client of mine who lives out of town called today to ask how our market has been because she’s thinking about moving back here now that she’s fully retired. Since she lives alone, she’s always careful about getting workers to do those little needed fix-ups. Well, she’d hired a painter who had painted for several people she knew and because they were happy with his job, she decided to hire him.

After about several days of painting, she found he was getting all the more talkative instead of focusing on his painting. It got annoying enough to where she’d purposely be out of sight just so he wouldn’t start jabbering about things which were of no concern to her. What shocked me was when he so matter-of-factly said, “It wouldn’t bother me if you walked around naked in your home.” I actually had to ask her to repeat what he said because I was dumbfounded. Well, that’s what he said, and what surprised me the most was she didn’t snap at him for being so vulgar.

After my wicked teasing, I finally became stern and said, “The next time he’s over to your home, you tell him he owes you an apology for using such language, and make sure you let him know under no uncertain terms that you’ll not tolerate any sort of suggestive and/or vulgar language, and if it continues, you’ll fire him on the spot.”

Wasn’t it just a few days ago when I spoke about how the world has changed? To think some guy in his 50’s making such conversation with a retired woman. Now that takes guts. Of course I did tell her that in these times, people will take you as far as you let them. When hearing stories like today’s, it’s no wonder so many of our seniors don’t want to hire strangers to work for them, and especially if they’re living alone. Yes, we’ve all heard some pretty bizarre stories about contract workers, but for me, today’s was a jaw-drop.

Another client called today to talk about a naughty tenant who’s been exceptionally paranoid and demanding over minuscule issues with the home he’s renting. From what he said, that tenant has been on a burn with complaints from the time he moved in. After he finished telling me the whole story, my only comment was, “I would go to him and ask if he’s wanting out of his lease, because it appears the home isn’t meeting his living standards, and if he shows any indication that he does, I’d strongly recommend you let him out of it and the both of you be on your merry ways.” It may sound like a “caving in”, but when you think about it, the owner will likely have all the more needless complaints from his tenant by coming up with the most obscure problems with his rental.

I had a closing on one of my listings in the Thornton Branch of First Security Bank late this afternoon. Before driving there, the buyers and I had our final walk-thru, and luckily we made it early enough because we barely made it to closing on time. It all went well, and I believe both the buyers and sellers are happy. Since it’s the buyers’ first home, they’re all the more excited. I have a “feeling” they’re going to be there for a very long time. I happened to walk out of that bank with a gift from First Security which is pictured above. Isn’t it the cutest pink rubber ducky? I think I’m going to have to start collecting them because I already have a yellow one that’s a little smaller. Yes, I do get great joys out of the simplest of things.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Some parents say it’s toy guns that make boys warlike, but give a boy a rubber duck and he will seize its neck like the butt of a pistol and shout “Bang!”

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