Bacon Mac & Cheese

I think I had a guardian angel on my shoulder this morning when over at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church because I’m nearly certain it was keeping me from choking on the music I was given to play, and it all started last Sunday when I was asked by Pastor Matt if I would be willing to play their 8:30 am Service at Our Savior’s today. I told him it would be fine, but I needed to get the music soon enough so I would have time to practice.

As chance would have it, I didn’t get the list of songs until Tuesday, but not the music itself, so I had to run over there when they were open and get myself comfortable with their new organ which I’ve never played, along with running thru all of the pieces that were given. There were two of them that weren’t of the standard beat, and whenever I have to play such hymns, it takes all the more time to get comfortable with them.

Since there wasn’t that extra time needed, I arrived there about 8:00 am this morning, and as chance would have it, there were more liturgical pieces I was to play which I didn’t know about until I arrived which caused me to start digging and running thru them instead of practicing what I’d planned.

The most difficult piece was their entrance, so I figured if I was going to stumble, it would be during that one. Well, for some un-explainable reason, it went far better than I ever would’ve imagined, which is why I think there was a little Divine Intervention taking place. All the rest of the pieces went just fine, but I couldn’t seem to get the organ’s volume higher, which I’ll have to work on the next time I’m there.

After the Service was over, I went up and complimented Pastor Matt on his exceptionally good sermon. It was almost as if there was a Divinity speaking thru him as well because I was exceptionally moved by his words.

Having a half hour to kill before my first real estate appointment this morning, I decided to step into their social hall and have a cup of coffee. Believe it or not, there were at least four women who came up and thanked me for playing this morning. Whenever getting thanked for accompanying, I always feel a little quirky because for years I played at another church here in the City, and I’d say there were rarely ever any words of thanks given. Not that I was expecting it back in those days, but whenever playing over at St. Paul Lutheran and those few times at Our Savior’s, they seem to be more vocal in their appreciation which I do appreciate.

There were seven homes I had scheduled to show today, and as chance would have it, one of them ended up selling late yesterday, and another one I couldn’t get in because someone locked an entry door that wasn’t supposed to be. I’m still waiting for the agent to get back to me so I can re-schedule a showing on it.

There was one particular home I showed which was an absolute disaster, and while walking out, I was certainly glad it wasn’t one of my office’s listings. It’s amazing how sellers can be so thoughtless when it comes to getting their homes prepared for sale, but what really gets me is when seeing a kitchen sink dirty and stained. Really? That’s certainly not having one’s best foot forward is it? It makes me wonder if anyone ever tells such sellers about the negative impressions buyers get when walking thru their homes. You can be sure I’d be saying something.

Today’s buyers happen to have a sideline job which consists of running a lunch wagon at different events around the area. It sounded like they’re doing exceptionally well which I was delighted to hear. Since lunch wagons have always fascinated me, I had a barrage of questions to ask. One of their specialties happens to be a grilled bacon mac and cheese sandwich. What a hoot! He said people really like them, and likely because they make the mac and cheese from scratch.

I laughed when telling him how often I remind young buyers not to get over their heads with mortgage payments when saying, “I don’t want you to be so strapped to where you’ll be eating macaroni and cheese sandwiches for the next 30 years.” Now wasn’t that a coincidence him mentioning his specialty grilled sandwich? I’m still in disbelief.

Thank goodness we finished early and the weather was nice, because the rest of my day was spent working on my outdoor project which was supposed to get finished yesterday. I couldn’t have been happier knowing I was able to get it completed before it started getting dark. You can be sure I’ll be having a few aches and pains come tomorrow morning, but that’s OK by me because it’s done.

Tonight’s one-liner is: It’s curious how social media was just this fun thing, but now being this monster that’s consuming so many millennial lives.

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