Immobile and Sedentary

My day started much earlier than normal, and the reason for it, was that I needed to drive a good distance to place a sold sign on a property I’ll be closing next week. Since it’s located on a much traveled road, I figured I’d get some good advertisement out of it until then.

I thought it best to take the Interstate since I’d be saving on travel time, but as I was approaching the on-ramp, I discovered the early morning drivers are another breed where if they think they can get around you so to drive a little faster, they will. There was a monster pickup truck driver tailing me who must’ve thought I wasn’t going fast enough up the on-ramp and actually moved in a fashion as though he was going to try and pass me. Now that was a first.

While on that Interstate, I came to the conclusion those drivers were hell-bent on getting to work on time, and judging by their speeds, I’d say they were all fearful of being late. I’m surprised the Highway Patrol wasn’t out at that hour, but perhaps they don’t start their shift until later.

When I got back to Mason City, I was thinking how blessed I was in not having to drive on an interstate highway to and from work every day because I’d be all the stirred up by the time I got to work, as well as after arriving home. It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s already been some research done on the physiological effects of long-term freeway commuting. I’ve know a number of people over the years who actually changed professions just so they could be all the closer to their homes and not have to deal with those long frustrating drives every working day.

Just after noontime, I drove over to the area where my public open house at 415 – 1st St. SE will be tomorrow, and placed several directional “open house” tent signs on several of the busier streets in hopes there’d be some drivers making mental notes of it. It would be grand if I could get it sold tomorrow and close quickly enough so the new buyers could be in for their first annual Thanksgiving dinner. For sure, that home is a classic for holiday entertaining.

I just heard that one of the grand old homes on East State Street sold this week, so just maybe the solid-built older homes are falling back into favor. As I’ve mentioned before, I’d take an old-growth lumber built and well maintained vintage home before I’d ever consider buying new. Of course I have a real soft spot for shaded lots with majestic trees. Since I’ve never been one to bake myself in the sun, I’d much rather enjoy the outdoors in a pleasant shaded area.

Now that the elections are coming around, I’ve been noticing how much more opinionated people are getting with their social media posts and letters to the editor.
As I mentioned to a dear one today, “No matter what we consider the gospel truth, there are always those who’ll be dissecting each and every sentence so to twist them into some thing that would give them reason to find fault.” It reminds me of something I learned many years ago which I think I’ve shared with you before, and it goes, “I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard, is not what I meant.” And then there’s another one that often times comes back at us which is, “It’s not what you said, but how you said it.” And lastly, “It wasn’t your message that bothered me as much as your form of delivery.” Yes, we live in times where there are a number of people laying and waiting to pounce on others for what was innocently said.

Once again, I’m putting in another plug for 422 S. Tennessee Place which is the bargain basement condo I have listed. For the life of me, I do not understand why that unit hasn’t sold. Yes, it’s on the second floor, but stair-stepping is considered one of the best exercises for the elderly. Whenever I hear someone of much younger years speaking about not wanting steps, I think, “Hmmm. So you want to be as immobile and sedentary as possible and then start coming down with physical problems stemming from the lack of exercise?” Oh well, I guess we all have to pick our poisons don’t we?

Another one of my listings went under contract today, and hopefully the buyers’ loan will sail thru. I really didn’t think that home would stay on the market very long considering how “move-in” condition it’s in. In these times, that’s the name of the game where all the more buyers do not want to do any work.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.

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