Filtered Beams

Upon arrival at my office this morning, I realized how quickly we’re approaching the winter solstice when finding the sun not having even begun to peek out from behind our eastern horizon. I guess that’s what we have to live with considering how high we are on the globe, but at least we do have longer summer days to enjoy. Isn’t it strange how the days of summer already seem so distant in our past?

The bulk of my morning was spent working on an offer that came in on one of my recent listings, and by the time early afternoon arrived, we finally had it under contract. I’m of the belief the sellers are happy it’s sold, and for sure the buyers are ecstatic knowing they’ll be moving into their first home. Not long after, I received a call from someone mentioning how beautiful that home appeared online and wondering if we’ve been getting many showings on it. I had to repeat myself twice before the caller finally understood that it went under contract today.

I received a long list of homes this morning which a buyer wants to look at on Sunday, and after making the calls to their listing agents, I found that four out of the ten on the list were sold, so I guess our market is continuing to chug along. Just this week, I’ve noticed the number of listings coming on the market having dropped off, and likely because the holidays are fast approaching and those who were planning a move, have already made their choices.

It’ll be an interesting Fall and Winter marketing time if there are still a number of buyers out looking in a marketplace that’s weak with available homes in affordable price ranges.

I did want to mention again how angering it is when a scammer gets hold of the information on a Realtor’s listing and posts it as a bonafide home for rent. Just about a week or more ago, someone from out East posted on Craigslist, my listing at 413 – 19th St. SE as an available rental. When I discovered it, I immediately flagged it, but it continued to be on their site days longer.

You can’t imagine the number of emails and phone calls I received asking about it, and that’s all I could tell those prospective tenants was, “It is NOT for rent because that was posted as an online scam.” Just today I received another call from someone who’d been duped, and fortunately they didn’t put any money down. The sad part about that woman’s story, was that she was moving here from another city and was expecting to be able to rent it once she arrived here and got a good look at it. It’s beyond my comprehension why anyone would bother contacting a scammer like that, because you would see it was for sale if you performed a simple online address search. Oh well, we all have to live and learn that there are some very naughty monkeys out in the cyber universe who’re constantly trying to bilk the general public.

When in conversation with a friend of many years, I assured her that it’s not us that’ve changed so much, but the world around us, in which we have to continue adapting our ways while attempting to maintain our core standards. We must never consider ourselves dinosaurs in our times as long as we continue to remain homogenous in our beliefs because what used to be black or white many years ago, is now many shades of gray which gives us cause to decide if the grays are tipping more towards the white, or of darker hues.

I had to share with her a recent conversation I had with a contractor who was making great assumptions and blind generalities. It was annoying me to a point where I snapped at him a little and said, “You know you shouldn’t even be talking about such things because back in my day, and even in many parts of today’s world, such talk would be considered insulting.” I know I hurt his feelings a little, so I went on to explain myself in order that he wouldn’t be making the same mistake with others. Before he left, he finally agreed with me and offered a sincere apology which I gladly accepted.

I’ve scheduled a public open house at 415 – 1st St. SE here in Mason City for this coming Saturday. I’m still perplexed why it hasn’t sold, but I guess the perfect-fit buyers have yet to arrive on the scene. There’s no question that would make a perfect home for a growing family, and especially if they’re more into the arts because of how close it is to the library and museum. Once again, if you know someone looking for a grand home that’s in move-in condition, please pass the information along.

I had a late appointment at a home out of town today, and while driving there, I got a good look at the countryside. When the sun is shining at a lower angle, it always moves me whenever seeing those filtered beams of golden sun breaking the shadows of ancient canopied trees in the groves of homesteads. It’s too bad we don’t have a few more artists capturing the stark beauties of North Iowa’s landscape.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Insight is the first condition of art.

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