Waging a Verbal Battle

Welcome to pre-winter! This has been quite the change from last week, and I don’t even want to think what type of real winter we’re going to have in store for us if this is a precursor to our months ahead.

My morning was a smattering of duties including more office accounting, several visits to stores including a paint store, and all the while, I was fighting the wind and cold. At least I did manage to have about an hour of down-time before heading to my public open house in Forest City.

Just as I was preparing to leave, it began to snow in earnest and the wind started blowing even harder. Ugh! As I was approaching Forest City, the snow was falling all the heavier and of course the wind continued to grow stronger.

I placed my open house arrow signs out, and expected to be there alone for those two hours, but as chance would have it, there were three groups of people who managed to defy the weather and stop by. I don’t think I was there alone for more than 10 minutes which was a pleasant surprise for me.

Shortly before my open house was over, I was alerted that a counter-offer was accepted on one of my recent listings which I’m sure made the sellers happy. I’ll remain confident the buyers’ financing will go thru which will delight everyone involved.

Since I was already in Forest City, I decided to take in a church Service in one of their surrounding towns. With that house of worship being only about a half hour away, I took my time stair-stepping my way up there.

I managed to get there a little before they began, and when I walked in, the sweetest little lady came up to me smiling and saying, “Weren’t you afraid the wind was going to blow you away?” I gave her a good pat on the shoulder and said, “When I got out of my car, I thought the wind was going to rip my car door off.” For some reason, the wind had really started blowing all the more when I pulled up. I didn’t pay too much attention to that church’s surroundings, but I would suspect it’s situated in a topographical wind tunnel.

There happened to be a choir singing which I found delightful, but the pastor’s voice was a bit more than annoying because of how loud and “barking” he was. I think his sermon would’ve been more rewarding if he would’ve used a softer and gentler tone. I was beginning to feel like I was watching and listening to some old-time fire and brimstone minister at a tent revival who was waging a verbal battle with the devil himself. In spite of his voice, I was glad I went because of how beautiful their church is, and the opportunity to listen to their choir.

I’m glad I made it back to the City before dark because that wind was enough to keep even the bravest of hearts indoors for the remainder of the day. I did make a quick stop at a grocery store to pick up a few essentials before heading home. There must’ve been an accident out on the west-end because there were several police cars racing westerly on Hwy 122.

Tomorrow morning I’m scheduled to play St. Paul Lutheran’s organ during their 10:30 Service. I didn’t have time this week to go over there and practice, but since I was there two weeks ago, I think it’ll be fine. Now that I’ve grown all the more comfortable with the “old girl”, I don’t get as anxious as I used to. Truth be told, I actually enjoy playing it, and wouldn’t be a bit burdened if I were asked to play every Sunday.

The above photo is the one I took yesterday while in Hampton of their Revolutionary War Memorial. I was quite impressed by its design and current condition. It’s located just to the south and east of their courthouse. Some day I’d like to inspect the interior of it.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of eighty and gradually approach eighteen.

Joe Chodur

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