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This was another “whoosh” day with all the little personal projects I had on my plate, and fortunately, I managed to get everything done I wanted, and then some.  Thank goodness I decided to get all my mowing out of the way this morning because before noon arrived, I heard there’s a 60% chance of rain tomorrow.

I think the botanists with their genetic altering of plants are getting all the more sophisticated with our corn and soybeans when seeing how quickly they grow to the point where they’re already at the end of their life cycle before the first frost.  I’ve really been noticing it with the soybeans this year.  You do know we haven’t even come close to getting a light frost.

The big machines and dump trucks were working back behind my office today at getting rid of those monster piles of concrete and gravel that the concrete contractor dug out of the back alley before they started pouring concrete.  They’ve still got some work to do back there with the leveling out and getting the grade of that gravel corrected.  I’ll be very glad when that whole project is finally over because it’s been going on for many months.  Alliant Energy still has to get rid of those giant utility poles back there that are still polluting the skyline.

My public open house at 422 S. Tennessee Place didn’t go as well as I would’ve liked which is making me all the more crazy about getting it sold.  I think I’m going to focus all the more on our younger crowd, because there’ve been far too many middle-aged and older people who are balking about it being a 2nd floor unit with no elevator.  It boggles my mind when thinking how so many of the middle-aged ones are complaining about only one flight of stairs.   I tell many that when you get older, stair-stepping is the best form of exercise.  I know that condo will sell, but it really has been too long to where people think there’s something wrong with it, and there isn’t.

The magazine I took with me to that open house was “The Economist” which had as its feature article being all about climate change.  I didn’t read all the sub-articles, but what I read wasn’t to my liking. In one of them, they were speaking about how much more drastic the warming has been in the arctic areas to where the perma-frost is thawing and affecting the foundations of tall buildings.  Of course one thing they neglected to mention, was that with the thawing, it’s now allowing all that trapped methane gas to escape which creates even more global warming.

The scariest, was reading how the jet stream is now slowing down and starting to “wobble”, which will cause all the more extreme temperature swings during our northern hemisphere’s winters.  They were showing examples of what it used to look like, and what it’ll be like in the coming years.  Those recent arctic vortexes we’ve had, were the results of the jet stream’s “wobbling”, and I don’t even want to think about having to endure arctic vortexes on a regular basis every winter, because last year’s certainly made a believer out of me.

I happened to cross paths with a really creepy guy late this morning who’s always given me that “icky” feeling every time I see him.  I did some real estate work for him many years ago, and at the time, I think both he and I knew we were diametrically opposed.  He’s one of those who when speaking, the words coming out of his mouth are contrary to what you “feel” he’s thinking.  I certainly wish him well with his success, but only as long as he remains at a safe distance.  I’m sure you remember me talking about that 5% of the population we have a near instant dislike for but don’t know why. Well, I’d say he’s definitely in the 5% category, and you can be sure, I fear knowing the reason why.

My last appointment of the day was to show my new listing at 413 – 19th St. SE.  It didn’t surprise me the buyer liked it, and now wants me to show it to his girlfriend next Saturday.  I did mention that it may possibly be sold before then due to the number of showings we’ve already got scheduled.  You certainly don’t find many move-in condition homes in Mason City that are listed under $90K.

I’m hoping my public open house at Prairie Place on 1st doesn’t get rained out tomorrow.  It’ll be great if I can get another one of them sold because the numbers remaining are dropping off on a regular basis.  There are only 4 two bedroom units left, and one of them is pretty much already spoken for.

The above photo is one I took of a deer that likely waddled out of that field after getting its belly full of beans.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Always tell the truth–it’s the easiest thing to remember.

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