They Were Made Believers

The first thing I had to do this morning was to contact several people to get some documents corrected.  For the strangest reason, I had a “feeling” there was something wrong, and wouldn’t you know it, there was.  In spite of my initial anxiety over it all, we did manage to get everything back on track which was all I wanted.

Another block of time was spent with the negotiating of a contract with some buyers and sellers. I wasn’t the happiest after it was all over due to a boomerang that was thrown my way, but irregardless, it did get put together and I believe my buyers are happy which was all that mattered in that transaction.  One of the buyers paid me the nicest of compliments today which I’ll always remember.

I was reminded once again how some people in our society really enjoy crossing over their particular fields of expertise while believing they’re just as capable of doing a professional’s job. I call them the “a la carte” citizens of the world because they pick and choose what goods and services they’re willing pay for, and consider all the rest un-necessary add-ons.

A number of years ago there were some sellers who insisted they could do everything a Realtor could and possibly even better, but when it came time to list their home, I walked away from it because I was convinced that no matter what I did or didn’t do, it wouldn’t have been good enough because of the mindsets they’d developed over their long years of marriage.  There’s no question I was called every name in the book after I left their home, but sometimes we all have to stand our ground within our own professions.

It makes me laugh to myself whenever encountering chiselers because they’ll not consider a deal done to their liking unless they’ve drawn blood from some poor honest soul who got sucked into working for them.  Even in Mason City, there are those who’ve established very bad reputations with vendors to where they refuse to do any work for them because of the “bill chiseling” they do.

Just this week I received a check from one of those chiselers which was less than the amount of the bill I’d given him.  I’m not sure if the time I’ll have to spend getting the remainder out of him, is going to be worth the effort.  There’ll likely be another bill sent for the balance owed, and if it’s not paid, I may just leave it to karma to pick up the difference.  Unfortunately for those who think they’re able to get a free ride, the paying back to karma is oft times double, triple, and even quadruple-fold.

I’ve said this for years, and I’ll say it again, “We must always be very careful about intentionally doing and saying hurtful things to others, because it always comes back.” And as much as I warn people about this, some listen, but most dismiss it as a bunch of esoteric hogwash.  You can bet I’ve never wanted to be around at those times when they were made believers.

I received a call this afternoon from a seller who wants to list a home he’s owned for some years, and since I’ve already been out there on an inspection, I think everything I asked to be completed will be done before I arrive tomorrow.  The only problem I see with marketing, is getting the buying public to get inside, because that particular home is much larger than it looks from the street.  I’m hoping it’s going to be priced right, and if it is, we should have it sold relatively quickly because of the shortage of homes in its price range.

Just as a reminder for many of you, this coming Monday is the last day we can pay our first half real estate taxes before a penalty gets tacked on.  I’d suggest you not wait until the last day because there’ll likely be a long line of last-day payers. Speaking of taxes, don’t you wish we were all given a choice as to where and how our hard-earned dollars are to be spent?  I’ve always thought every citizen should be given a list of “funds” in which they’re to be placed in, and we the people making percentage choices.  When you think about it, and if that were the case, there’d be those receiving the funds making themselves all the more accountable/worthy of receiving them, because otherwise it’s only a tap pouring out free money year-over-year.  You can be sure there are those who think they’re at an annual party offering free funds that can be scooped up out of a very large money pot.

The last item on today’s agenda was to do a final walk-thru on a home I’ll be closing tomorrow.  The buyers spent about a half hour getting their last look, and now that the home is vacant, it’s looking all that much larger.  I’m convinced it didn’t sell early on because of how small it looks from the street.  Oh well, the buyers did say they’re going to do all they can to make it charming.   I smiled when saying, “This home is like a George Foreman grill that you set and forget.”

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Looking at small advantages prevents great affairs from being accomplished.

Joe Chodur

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