Into a War Zone

That was quite the rainstorm we had today, and when looking to the west on my way to work, it appeared those ominously dark clouds were on their way here to give us a good pounding, and a pounding we got.  They’ve predicted rain for tomorrow and Friday, and if it’s going to be has heavy as today’s, I’d say there’ll be more mowing in the days ahead.

On my way to work, I picked up the sold signs off the homes I had closings on this past Monday, and as I was pulling away from each one, I quietly wished them many happy years of home ownership.  As far as I’m concerned, those homes were about as good as you could get in their respective price ranges, and if they ever need to sell them, I wouldn’t look for there being the least bit of problem due to where they’re located and the over-all features they have to offer.

My appointment to preview a home today went far better than I’d expected due to the quality of updates that were made by the owner since it was purchased.  Without a doubt, the new kitchen alone should cause it to sell quickly because of its style and quality of construction.  I couldn’t have compliment the owner enough on how well it presents itself.  The colors are soft and the decorations appearing as if they were done professionally.  I’m hoping the owner wasn’t thinking me overly excited about its appearance, but whenever I see something far above the norm, I become more complimentary.  There’s no doubt in my mind it will sell, and well.

Another call came in today from a gentleman whom I sold a home to many years ago, and about a year ago, he mentioned the possibility of selling, but today’s call was not an “if”, but more a definite near future plan.  It’s sort of creepy/weird he called because I was just thinking about his home this past weekend.  I teasingly said, “I’ve sold it twice already, so I think I can do it again.”  He mentioned I’d have to wait a bit before he calls me for a look because he has some things to get done before I see it.  His is another property that should sell well because of the amenities it has to offer.

I happened to run into Eric the owner of Splash this afternoon which is just a few doors down from my office.  I had a nice chat with him, and all the more happy to hear his business is booming.  I had a T-shirt down there for many months that I wanted copied, and today we had time to talk about it.  I decided to have twelve of them created and using the higher quality and much softer cotton.  If they look as good as I’m hoping, I’ll likely give them as gifts to various clients and customers.  I’m sure the person who loaned me that T-shirt is thinking I forgot to give it back, and for certain I’ll have to include a new one with its return.  There isn’t much writing on T-shirts that I get a “wow” out of, but that one always makes me smile.

The closing files I was working on this afternoon are finished enough to where that’s all I’ll be waiting on is the final go ahead from the lenders.  I try to stay ahead of the game with the banks to the point of getting things to them before they begin asking. The closings I have coming up next week are cheaper priced homes, but in all fairness, I believe they need just as much attention as the more expensive ones.  Thank goodness there weren’t any title issues with them because if there are to be any, they usually show up on the lower-priced ones.

There’s a new listing that just came on the market today that I’ll have to alert several buyers I’m working with because it’s a fixer-upper and for the right person, it would be a good investment.  I’m sure I’ll be showing it to at least one of them, and hopefully it’ll end up being worth my while because showing distressed properties, is at times like walking out into a war zone.  You never know what to expect until you get inside, and believe me, I’ve seen some severely trashed properties over the years.

One of my landlord clients showed me some eviction documents he picked up from his attorney this afternoon, and after reading them I said, “I believe your attorney has a good handle on getting problem tenants evicted.”  I congratulated him on his coming around to the mindset that there’s a huge difference between struggling tenants and abusive tenants, because in these times, there are all the more people out there who get their jollies out of working the crowd.  Shame on them! Unbeknownst to nearly all naughty tenants, whenever there’s a court action taken against one, it leaves a lasting trail of information for other landlords to see, and you can be sure they’ll be all the more hesitant to rent to them.

Let’s hope tomorrow will bring a little more sunshine so we can start our day on an upbeat, instead of looking at more dark clouds like those hanging overhead this morning.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Courage is the ladder on which all the other virtues mount.

Joe Chodur

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