Ride thru Hell

They predicted temps in the 80’s this week, and it looks like this time they got it right because we’ve not only been getting the high temps, but also exceptionally heavy humidity which made being outdoors rather annoying.  I certainly didn’t dress for it today, but for sure I’ll be wearing something much lighter tomorrow.

The first thing on my list was to make over-due calls to several friends who live out of State whom I’ve not visited with in some time.  Both were good chats and always glad to hear things have been well with them since our last visits.  We all agreed that times have changed regarding the way in which people conduct themselves in public, and how all the many more feel entitled to do and say just about anything they want while believing it’s just OK.  I mentioned how much harder it is in these times to hold fast to standards while all the many more are giving in and going with the flow.  I hung up from both chats feeling relieved that they’re also working hard at keep their own bars raised.

Around mid-morning, I was finally able to get a lingering nightmare situation resolved that had been hanging over my head since Friday afternoon.  I couldn’t have thanked the law firm of Don Esser’s enough for the extra efforts they made in getting a critically necessary document prepared and filed at the courthouse.  Before I walked out I said to them, “If you ever need something from me, I’ll ride thru Hell on horseback to get it for you.”  As far as I’m concerned, they went above and beyond what an average person would’ve expected.

In all the years I’ve sold real estate, I’ve never had a situation like this take place, and hopefully nevermore because of all the extra stress that was created and subsequently affecting all parties involved.  After it was finally over, I couldn’t have thanked both the buyers and sellers for being as patient and understanding, and certainly not spinning out of control like some so often do when something goes wrong with a closing at the last hour.  This past Friday the 13th is certainly going to be burned into my memory bank.

After standing back even farther and looking at that whole transaction, I considered it a classic reminder to me how some relationships, even if they’re the shortest, can create deep and lasting hatreds between both, or one towards the other.  In this case, I believe that particular hatred was borne out of a jealousy toward one who got so innocently pulled in, and soon after, realized it was too toxic, and quickly exited.  Even though the jealous one is deeply involved in a new romance, that smoldering hatred continues to manifest itself.  My prognosis is that the one who bears so much malice, will not move on because there’s still that core yearning to be with the other, and for some, that particular character would be dubbed a psychological vampire because the lust to “feed” is still there.  Scary isn’t it?

When I stopped at the closing office today, one of the secretaries mentioned how I appeared distraught and asked if I’d worked too hard over the weekend.  I shook my head and said, “No, it’s just the by-product of my weekend of worries regarding today’s closing.”  When I called the sellers who live out of State after it was over, the wife said, “My husband was worried about it, but after signing all our docs last Friday, for some reason, I quit fretting over it because I had the feeling you’d get it done.”  I thanked her for the extra confidence as well as telling her she had more faith in me than I had in myself.

One of the buyers I showed a home to last week called late this afternoon asking for another scheduled look because she wants a few more of her family members to see it and give their opinion on it.  It’s an expensive home, and I can understand why they want to make sure they’re getting something that’s worth the price.  I did get all the information they wanted, so it’ll all be up to the reaction they have after their second look.

I had to stop at the grocery store before heading home, and just as I was walking into Fareway, I noticed one of another grocery store’s assistant managers walking out with a bag of groceries.  I’m glad to see there are still those value shoppers out there who’re watching the dollars they’re spending on groceries, and especially if they have a young families to feed.

One of my errands tomorrow is to go and pick up several small pieces of antique furniture I purchased from a family I’ve known for a great many years.  I need another piece of furniture like I need a hole in my head, but one of those pieces is an exception because I distinctly remember seeing it in her mother’s dining room back when I was a youngster.  When I asked where it used to be kept in her mother’s home, she said it stood exactly where I remembered it.  Isn’t it funny how certain memories are so clearly resurrected?

Tonight’s one-liner is:  When so many are lonely as seems to be lonely, it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone.

Joe Chodur

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