A Wild Card

My first order of the day was to get out to one of my listings and remove the lock box from the front door and then pull the yard sign because it was going to be closing during the first hour the buyer’s bank opened.

Since my seller was on her way out of State, I made sure all the transfer documents were correct before she left,  just so we didn’t have a last minute glitch that we’d have to wait to get fixed.  Thank goodness all went well and everyone including the buyer was happy.  I did call and leave a message on the seller’s cellphone telling her that it was completely closed so she wouldn’t be worrying about it while she was gone.

I’m hoping tomorrow’s closings will be just as seamless as today’s, and you can be sure I went back over those files.  We’ve already done our final walk-thru on one of them late this afternoon, and early tomorrow morning, I’ll be meeting buyers at the other one before we go to their closing.

A young gentleman likely in his 20’s stopped by my office today to pick up some documents he needed, and since he was on his lunch hour, he didn’t seem to be in much of a hurry to get back to work.

We had a good chat about this and that, and since he was freely telling me his life story, I couldn’t help but ask him my ten thousand dollar question which was, “Where do you think we’ll all be 20 years from now?”  He thought a moment and then said, “I convinced there’s going to be a de-population taking place in the world because I don’t think humanity will be able to sustain life as we know it as long as our world’s population continues to grow at its current pace.”  I went on to ask how he believed that was going to happen, and his thoughts on how it would come about sounded almost doomsday because of widespread famine, climate change, and future wars.

The other question I had was regarding his political leanings.  It surprised me when he said he’s neither conservative nor liberal, but rather the middle of the road type, and votes only for those who he believes capable of making good change within our government bodies.

Having found out he’s college educated, has a relatively good entry-level job, and has no problem with the struggles of his youth even though he comes from a family with means, I was somewhat impressed by his wholesomeness.  What really impressed me was his love of history.  I couldn’t help but add, “If there were more politicians in our world who had a better understanding of history’s dynamics, perhaps there’d be fewer repeats of history in the making.”

After he left, I couldn’t help but wonder how many of those who don’t want anything to do with history, actually make all the more mistakes in their own personal lives, because every day we live on this earth, there are histories being created.  Just think about the interactions we have with others who’ve established their own histories.  Some have a history of cheating, others have histories of house hoarding, and then there are those with histories of vicious gossip, and the list goes on.

When we ask for character references, those are supposed to be the people who can share more true histories of those in question.  I know far too many who judge people at face value, and then later sorry for it because they’d not investigated their histories.

What makes history so important, is that if you understand that there are almost always patterns that’ve been created, and if able to recognize them, we can make more sound decisions.  You may not know it, but our infamous cloud computing has been following and categorizing our histories with its algorithms, and you can bet they’re getting all the more sophisticated and fine-tuned.  This is the main reason I’m very much against artificial intelligence because there’s always that possibility of a wild card in a deck that gets over-looked.  While speaking of this, I’m reminded of that movie, “The Minority Report” which was supposed to take place in the future, but looking all the more like these times.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Success in creating artificial intelligence would be the biggest even in history, but unfortunately, it might also be the last, unless we learn how to avoid the risks.

Joe Chodur

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