A Forest of Lady Slippers

Once again, I’m sure this morning’s rain came as a surprise since the weather forecast wasn’t calling for it, or at least the one I was looking at yesterday.  Oh well, we needed the moisture, so thus we received.  After hearing how hot it’s been out East and to the Southeast of our Country, I’m pretty happy about being here instead of there.  I heard today that many are getting heat indexes well over 100 degrees in those areas.  Now that’s hot.

I kept myself pretty busy today with office work, property research, and visiting with several sellers who’re moving closer towards listing their homes.  I’m going to remain confident our market will continue to chug along thru these last months of 2019.  With the interest rates having dropped, it’s all the more reason those who’ve been thinking about transitioning from a rental, into a home they can call their own.

While in conversation with one of my favorite bankers, I shared a nameless story about the comment I received from a parent of some buyers I’ve been working with.  She absolutely loved the “unremarkable” comment that was made, and also agreed to use it when appropriate.  I personally can’t think of a word being any more kind to use when expressing a dissatisfaction regarding someone or some thing.  On a personal side, I can think of a handful whom I would freely refer to as being unremarkable.  I believe when in use of such a word, it pretty much tells it all without going into any unnecessary detail.  Unremarkable people have already written their mirrored fun-house stories, leaving the rest of us nearly nothing worthy of debate or comment regarding their lives.

Around mid-afternoon I placed a call to the close relative of a seller who’s handling his uncle’s affairs, and when I called his office, his secretary said he was on the phone and would return my call as soon as he finished.  Two and a half hours later, there was still no return call from him.  That must’ve been one heck of a long conversation, and I’m not so sure his uncle would appreciate him being so lax about getting that property sold for him.

During a conversation with one of my arrivals at the office today, it turned from a very normal real estate visit, to a dark and sinister story regrading the happenings that took place in and around my visitor’s home.  The more she spoke, the more it reminded me of that acreage I had listed a number of years ago which had an entity hovering about, which I was soon convinced to be a classic poltergeist.

Because I was recognizing many similarities with her story to mine, I broke my silence, and before I began, I said to her in a stern voice, “Whether you want to believe me or not, what I’m going to tell you was exactly what happened.”  After seeing how intense I’d become, she listened to my whole unpolluted story.

After we both finished recalling events, I realized there were several things that happened to me out there that didn’t to her, as well as things that happened to her that didn’t happen to me.  She did say that she’d finally rid herself from those un-wanted visitors by bringing in someone who was more equipped and knowledgable about getting those psychic portholes closed.  More than once while she was recalling some of those ghostly events, I could feel the hair on my arms standing up.

As I’ve mentioned before, there’ve been a number of occasions where I was either whispered to, poked, viewed un-natural reflections, smelled strange odors, and looked at for a split second or two, the figures of fully dressed men and women.  When it comes to driving by a home and saying it’s haunted, it’s impossible because there’s no rhyme or reason regarding its age, style, or even location, but what I do believe, are those connecting threads of similarities that oft times go un-noticed, and since neither of us had time to go into any great detail, the next time I see her, I’ll be sure to share my thoughts regarding those invisible threads that bind.

Irregardless what anyone thinks, there are unexplainable things that are happing all around the world, and for the most part, go unreported because of all the many taboos regarding even speaking about such things.  For example, wouldn’t you think some perfect stranger was ready for a padded room if he came up to you while out walking and said, “Did you know there’s a ghost of a man following your every footstep?”  Now do you get my drift?

Another one of my listings sold today, and I’m exceptionally happy over it because my seller is now able to move forward with her life.  I thought it sort of creepy-cool when just over the weekend I was trying to figure out why it hadn’t yet sold.  Well, today was just one more example of how a given home’s buyers can almost magically arrive.

Tonight’s photo is of a very large patch of Lady Slippers that are now in bloom.  The owner told me she started out with only one bulb many years ago.  My how they’ve multiplied to where they’re appearing more like a forest of lady slippers.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Dualist hold that body and soul are separate entities and that the soul will continue beyond the existence of the physical body.

Joe Chodur

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