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This was quite the beautiful day and I’m in hopes they’ll continue on until the cold arrives more later than sooner.  With it being a relatively quite Monday, I was able to get a few more things done at the office without interruption.

One of my dear old friends called today asking for some advice on some real estate that a friend of hers is considering selling.  I was about as helpful as I could be without having seen the property, and I guess that was about all she needed.

Since I hadn’t spoken with her for some time, I was brought up to speed with the happenings in her life.  Without a doubt, there’s been some changes on her side of the fence, and one of them being a now fractured relationship with one of her friends.

I shared with her some examples of severed relationships in my life, which at the time created a great deal of pain, but after months and then years had passed, I was finally able to see that my decision at the time to sever those ties, was the best for my own personal growth and development.

What I did learn from those experiences, was there being all the many who unbeknownst to us at the time, were all in it for themselves, and if you didn’t step up to their plates and fulfill their wants and needs, you were ridiculed and subsequently pounded on until their expected outcome being, “a back on board” with their playbooks.

Without a doubt, my mother knew me better than anyone on earth at the time, and more than once she noticed how freely and willingly I would do for others, but when the time came of my realizing I was being manipulated, all ties were severed.

There have been those who’ve tested me over the years to the point of my grabbing for my “scissors”, but they must’ve realized I wasn’t going to play by their rules and must’ve realized that if they wanted to maintain relationship with me, they’d better stop being one-sided, and start realizing that good, lasting, and above all, growing relationships are not all about me, but rather about we.

While out at Menard’s this afternoon, I ran into a dear one who used to work under me when I was a supervisor in a bank’s accounting department.  We had the most delightful chat, and believe it or not, I smile each and every time I see him when knowing he’s bettered himself.

As chance would have it, an old client of mine walked up to me while I was visiting with him, so I introduced them to each other.  Feeling a bit wicked, I asked my old workmate, “Now tell her the truth about what some of you used to refer to me under your breath while at the bank.”  He laughed and said, “Little Hitler”.  My client gave me the most strange look, so I did ask another question of him, “Did I ever show favorites or be mean to any of you?”  He instantly shook his head and said, “Not that I can remember, but you were a very hard taskmaster at times.”  I went on to explain to my client how exceptionally time oriented our work was, and there being little or no time for slacking off.  He agreed with me, and also without saying, indicated that job being one of the better ones he had over the years, and like another once said, “We always knew where we stood, and rarely if ever found favoritism taking place within our group.”

The many distinctive difference between now and then, are the difficulties public and private institutions have when dealing with insubordination, laziness, disrespect, poor work ethic, cronyism, and above all, entitlement.  Back in those days, we had to prove our worth by our productivity on a daily basis, and if we couldn’t, the weeding out would begin.

My last appointment took me over to 422 S. Tennessee Place for a showing of that condo.  We were there for well over an hour, and I think there’s interest in it, but the only thing the buyer is wrestling with, is having to endure a kitchen update.  I did remind her that at its current low price,  an updated would still put her ahead of the game because a condo with all the bells and whistles she’s wanting, would cost her at least $40K more.  I did encourage her to check around and see what the average cost of a kitchen would be, because I’m sure she’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I do want to remind everyone that 1 Briarstone Court is still available, and for sure being one of the cleanest and maintenance-free homes on the market.  I know that price range is slower to sell during this time of the year, but I’m going to stay hopeful there’ll be a transferring doctor, professional, or even a retiring farmer who’ll find it to be the best home for the money in our market.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  There is no such thing on earth as an uninteresting subject; the only thing that can exist is an uninterested person.

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