Bow-tie Friday

I’m hoping everyone was enjoying the beautiful day, and I think many of our seniors living Downtown were also considering it to be one when seeing all the more of them strolling up and down the sidewalks.  Every time I see seniors seated together on a bench outdoors, the memories come to mind of old black and white photos taken in big cities of people socializing around public seating areas.  Now just think, if we didn’t have smart phones and computers, I believe those very same gatherings would still be happening all over the world today.

No matter what anyone says, there’s going to be a price paid for all this detachment that’s taking place within our community groups, because I’m finding all the more of our young having a hard time when it comes to carrying on a conversation in person with another.

Cell phones were OK in my book, but when they became sophisticated enough to where they went from simple texting, to the imogees and shortened sentences, and then growing into a shorthand of sorts to where a near new language was born, that’s when I drew the line.  Not long ago I was shown a screen of a normal cell phone text conversation between two junior high school students.  When I looked at that, I thought to myself, “We’ve got a real problem that’s going to get all the worse before it gets better.”  And to think this has all happened in less than a generation.

Not trying to scare you all the more, I must inform all of you that the “next generations” of computerization is coming out the sooner, and that rapid evolution is the by-product of smarter “thinking” computers.  This is the main reason I am so very much against artificial intelligence because we would be embarking on a voyage to where no one has gone before, and that scares me.

The closing of another Prairie Place on 1st condominium took place this morning, and once again, everyone walked out happy.  There’s no question in my mind the new owners will be a good fit with the existing residents, and that’s what I’ve been working towards with each and every one of those units that’ve been sold.

There are only four two bedroom units remaining un-sold, and I would wager that unit 305 will be the next one to bite the dust because that is the last one of the “Clover” floor plans.  I would then say the next one to go will be the “Daylily” up on 2nd floor because that happens to be the last remaining of that floor plan.  It always stands to reason whenever there’s just one of something left that gets taken first.  It’s something like seeing the last chocolate covered donut remaining in a box of many donuts, and fighting for that one. It’s nearly always the rule of numbers, and the singularly unique one being chosen first.

My public open house tomorrow is located at 422 S. Tennessee Place where that spotlessly clean 2 bedroom upper-level condo is located.  As I mentioned before, the seller is offering a $2,500 credit towards the buyer’s pre-paids and/or closing costs.  No matter which way you look at it, that condo is a steal of a deal.  With there being only 4 units in that building, a person has more of an opportunity to enjoy peace and quiet within.

My last appointment today was at a home where the sellers are getting it readied to be placed on the market.  They’ve already done a huge amount of work, and all that’s left is the little “honey-do” things that’ll make it all the more appealing to the general public.  I have no reservations about it selling, but I always believe in placing one’s best foot forward.

I have a busy weekend planned with appointments and little chores of my own, and with the days growing shorter, I’m more on a burn to get as much done as possible before winter arrives.

Today was the first day I wore one of my bow-ties to work, and at first I was feeling a bit out of place, but after getting a few compliments this morning on how I looked, my feeling of awkwardness was dispelled.  The main reason I wore it, was because of what one of the business people Downtown said about “Casual Friday”.  He decided some time ago, to counter-balance such casual dress by wearing a bow-tie on Friday.  After thinking about it, I believe it’s time for all the male professionals in our community to start joining our group of “Bow Tie Friday” observants.  I think the more I don one every Friday, the more I’ll feel comfortable wearing one.  I have three of them, and perhaps I’ll have to see if I can find one that’s a little more on the wild and crazy side.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  A teacher who is not dogmatic, is simply a teacher who’s not teaching.

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422 S. Tennessee Place Mason City 320 – 1st St. NE, Unit 210 – Mason City
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