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It’s been interesting to see how these light misty rains have been moving thru.  Again, it feels more like September or October, rather than the 14th of August.  Oh well, I have to keep reminding myself that we’re on the downward slide of summer.

Most of my morning was spent working with a buyer who made an offer on a home that’s listed with another Realtor.  I did have to do some digging for information because there were questions asked that even the listing agent didn’t have the answers.  After all were provided, I did finally get the offer written and signed.   We are quite a ways apart on price, but hopefully we’ll be able to meet somewhere in the middle.

I’m beginning to wonder if Alliant Energy is ever going to be finished with all the underground work they’ve been doing behind my office in Commercial Alley, because  it’s growing all the more annoying as each day passes.  If it weren’t for all the reverberating noises they make, it wouldn’t be so bad, but some of those big machines are like tanks.

After speaking with the owner of 422 S. Tennessee Place this afternoon, I decided to host another public open house on her condo this coming Saturday.  The seller did agree to offer $2,500 toward a buyer’s pre-paids and/or closing costs which will certainly help a great deal with a buyer who’s struggling with funds funds enough for a downpayment and closing costs.

I have absolutely no idea why that condo hasn’t sold yet, other than there being a “no pet” rule for that building.  Some condominium rules are a bit crazy because if someone had a cat, how is it the other owners would know unless they noticed it in a window?  I can understand dogs being forbidden because they have to go outside, but most people don’t allow their cats outdoors.  I may be sounding wicked, but if I were the buyer for that unit and owned a cat, I’d purchase it anyway and take my chances.  I couldn’t imagine one of those owners pounding on my door and screaming, “You’ve got an un-authorized pussy living with you, and I want it out from under our roof!”  Really?  Who would they call, Pussy Control? I doubt it.

After the closing I have on Friday, there’ll be only six units remaining to be sold out of the original 32 over at Prairie Place on 1st.  There are four 2 bedroom/2 bath units, and two 1 bedroom/1 bath units left to sell. The most numerous of the floor plans is the “Clover”, and as chance would have it, there’s only one remaining.  There is also only one remaining “Daylily” floor plan remaining as well.  The “Daylily” is a corner unit that has another room that could be used as an office, study, or third bedroom.  Be sure to tell friends, relatives and strangers about Prairie Place on 1st.

One of my appointments took me out of town this afternoon which lasted far longer than I’d expected because I had to look at two homes instead of one.  I had a good look at both of them and made some suggestions regarding the little “to-do’s” that needed attention before listing.  As always, they wanted me to shoot from the hip and give them a price, but I couldn’t because I have to do some research before I can give them an estimated sale price.

On my way back, I noticed a country cemetery, and since I had my camera with me, I decided to stop and have a walk around.  Since it was my last appointment for the day, I took my time while strolling thru it.  It’s certainly an old cemetery because one of the tombstones had the year of death listed as 1872.  Now that was a long time ago.  A few of the uncommon last names were ones I’m familiar with here in Mason City, which would indicate those living here are decedents of those people.

I got a good grin when seeing an actual working well with a hand pump head on it which people visiting their departed must use when watering the flowers they’d have placed on gravestones.  I couldn’t resist taking a photo of it and sharing with you tonight.  Believe it or not, my grandparents had one like the above which they used on a daily basis because they had not yet installed indoor plumbing.  I always enjoyed playing with their hand pump, but certainly didn’t enjoy having to use their outhouse when mother nature called, and even less so when it was during the winter months.  Ouch! I’ll have to do some research as to why some outhouses had as many as four seats in them like my grandparents’.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered.

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