Not much was happing on the office front today other than random drop-ins and a whole pile of accounting and bill paying to do.  I was a little late with my accounting, but for good reason because I had an exceptionally busy last week of July as well as first week of August.

I did make time to go and do a walk-thru on a home that a tenant moved out of, and not surprised to find the oven not having been cleaned which is nearly always a given, the toilet seat hanging by a thread, paddle fans dirty, numerous burned out lightbulbs, torn mini-blinds, and an array of other necessary fix-up and clean-ups to get it back into rentable condition.

Once again, I place the blame on adult children who never had much if any instruction on how to maintain their homes, and also the lack of parents instilling within their children the understanding of personal accountability, and above all, shame.  There’ve been very few homes or apartments I’ve walked thru over the years where tenants have lived which were actually in better condition than when they moved in.  For some reason, tenants believe cleaning up their mess after they’ve moved, was built into their monthly rent.  Wherever they came up with such notions, is beyond my understanding.

The most unfortunate thing, is the enduring anger they have for their landlords after being charged for cleaning and fixing things they’d broken.  I believe many tenants forget what the condition of their rentals were in before they took possession, or maybe they’ve feigned memory loss.  I’ve always enjoyed referring to these memory blips as, “Situational memory loss.”

I’m sure everyone has a story or two of great favors we’ve done for others, but when the time comes around where a favor is needed of them, all the many are found to be suffering from situational memory loss.  When it happens within families and close friendships, is when it really smarts.  When considering the possibilities of fun-house mirrors and situational memory losses, I think it best to do what you freely think appropriate for others, but never expect anything in return, and if there’s but one that reciprocates, consider it nothing more than a bonus.

The public open house I’ve scheduled for this Saturday is located at 415 – 1st St. SE here in Mason City.  I’ll be there from 1:00 – 3:00 pm, and if the weather is as pleasant as it was today, I’m hoping there’ll be a good turn-out.  We’ve had a few showings on it recently, and now that the yearly “dead time” of our summer market is coming to an end, I’ll remain confident it’ll get sold soon.  The whole package is something just about any young family would jump at because of the number of bedrooms, baths, overall square footage, newer garage, and big fenced yard.  I personally love the great views of Willow Creek from that home.

One of my loyal and faithful clients/customers stopped by this afternoon for a nice long chat.  I haven’t seen them in months, so we did some good catching up with each others’ lives.  What came as a great surprise, was being informed that one of them was closely related to some people I’d crossed paths with on occasion a number of years ago who’ve been gone from our area for at least ten years.

The more they talked about those familial connections, the more I understood the web of relationships they were all tied to.  It shocked me to hear about one in particular whom I thought would’ve divorced her husband because of his philandering, but today, I understood why after being told the wife had been just as busy turning her husband into a cuckold.   After they left, I wondered for a moment who was the one that threw away their fidelity first.  You can be sure I won’t be asking.

When reading something last night, I came across the word “zaftig” which caused me to stop and investigate it’s real meaning because it appeared to have been borrowed from the German language.  I’m sure it’s not used much at all in these times, but because of our Country’s growing weight problems, I would think it could easily be resurrected and freely used.

The reason it caught my eye, was that it sounded like the German word for juice, but after investigation, it happens to be a Yiddish word meaning “a plump round woman” that’s to be used only as a compliment.

Now let’s get back to the German word “saft” which means “juice”, and if you’d speak of an apple being juicy, you’d say, “saftig”. So if you’d expand and combine those two meanings, you could say, “That blonde is one of the most beautiful, plump, round and juicy females I’ve seen of late.”  There you have your new word for the day, “zaftig”.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  One sees great things from the valley; only small things from the peak.

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