Smack Talk

First and foremost, I am responding to the scathing review a certain Tiffany Adams posted about me on both Facebook and Google yesterday.

The only time I had any personal contact with her and BF, was when I was hosting an open house some months ago, and as chance would have it, they ended up making an offer in it about 45 days ago thru another Realtor. I didn’t realize it was them, until long after they purchased it.

Since it was just a public open house where people come and go, I don’t engage with them much, unless I’m asked questions and/or I already know them.  I wasn’t acquainted with them, so it was simply their time to look and ask questions.

I personally don’t remember telling them I thought the furniture would go with the home because it was furniture that belonged to the executor’s mother.  Why would I ask the executor if the furniture went with the home after casually questioned by a walk-thru being done by Tiffany Adams and her BF?  As with all homes, I answer questions to the best of my knowledge.

When Tiffany Adams remarked about my saying the sellers would make all repairs, was either a lie, or a mis-communication on her Realtor’s part, because I kept an open channel of communication with Tiffany Adams’ agent at all times.  If I’m guilty of not getting back to their agent over 24 hours later, then it was because I was waiting for a response from the owner.

From the very beginning, Tiffany Adams and her Realtor knew that the Executor/Owner was not going to make any FHA required repairs, and since their offer was an FHA, it was a given that there’d be a list of repairs called for by an FHA appraiser.

Bingo!  There were FHA required repairs, and of course I altered the seller about them and encouraged her to get them taken care of herself instead of asking the buyers to do it.  To the benefit of buyer Tiffany Adams and her BF, the seller took care of all the required repairs except one which would’ve taken about an hour’s work.  I contacted the buyer’s agent telling her my seller would not make that last repair.  The agent then called later and said the buyer’s relative would do it for $400 and of course the seller refused to pay for it because everyone knew from the beginning the seller would not make any additional repairs.

The agent met the buyer’s relative who is a contractor over to the house and got that last repair made which in turn, the FHA appraiser was alerted that everything was done and ready for him to go out and do his final inspection.  When he called, I had the house open for him within a half hour.  He did is final, and all was well.

From the very beginning, the purchase agreement had a closing date earmarked for August 02nd, and that was the day we closed, and in spite of there being hold-ups on the whole process, we still made that date.

Unbeknownst to the buyer, Tiffany Adams, her BF, and their agent, there were people giving their 150% to get that closed on time.  I personally thanked Clear Lake Bank and Trust, Heiny Law Firm, Brown Law Firm, and the seller for doing their part on getting that closed on time.

Now what’s the beef?  If there’s anything I despise most, is unnecessary smack talk which always leaves a lingering residue.  I think we’re all being bombarded with enough fake news without ripping into those who’re simply doing their jobs.

What’s all the more distressing, is that Tiffany Adams not only placed a bad review on Facebook, but also on Google which cannot be removed, and to think I was not in any way shape or form, representing Tiffany Adams and her BF.  Enough said.

Now about my day.  It was a near non-stop from the time I pulled out of my driveway, and all the happier for it after reading that nasty post from last night.

I did get the Lady Bug Restaurant in Clear Lake listed at a greatly reduced price which should bring some serious buyers forward.  For sure, if there’s anyone wanting to continue on with that very successful operation, now’s the time to act.

My public open house at 422 S. Tennessee Place was a great success.  I think we have two serious buyers who’ve now seen it twice, and hopefully after today’s showing, they’ll pull the trigger.  That unit is at a bargain basement price when comparing it to other condos on the market, and the real bonus, is it being owned by an exceptionally particular person who keeps it spotlessly cleaned and meticulously maintained.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  To stimulate wildly weak and untrained minds, is to play with mighty fires.

Joe Chodur

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  • John C, Heidenreich says:

    YES, yes, Joe. Game, set and match. I have a feeling that that Tiffany Adams complains about any and everything and nothing is her fault. Sad people, sad. Rock on, Joe Cho!!

  • Amy O'Connell says:

    Joe has always done a wonderful job for us!