A Little Angel

Yet another beautiful day happened in North Iowa, and I can’t imagine there being anyone believing it could’ve been better.  There was a bit of a chill in the air this morning, but that quickly dispersed once the sun rose higher.  A cool morning is the best time for our residents to take their much needed power walks.

I had several early morning phone calls to return before heading over to the restaurant at the airport which I’d not been to in a great number of years.  The reason for me going, was to attend a presentation being given by a bank that’s partnering with Clear Lake Bank and Trust to help home buyers with their mortgage needs.

The breakfast they provided was exceptionally good, and I would say anyone looking for a great place to have breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday morning, that would be the place to go because as fussy as I am about food, I couldn’t find one thing worthy of a complaint.  I complimented several of the staff on their yummy food, and hopefully it’ll inspire them to continue on with providing good food and great service.

The speaker wasn’t long-winded, and more than willing to answer any questions from the other Realtors.  I did linger after it was over, just so to get more clarification on the type of services they provide.  I was impressed.

My good deed for the week was to meet a couple over at Prairie Place on 1st and show them the units they’d looked at some weeks ago.  The agent working with them wasn’t able to make it because of a death in the family.

I’d say I spent over an hour with them, and hopefully they’re all the more interested in purchasing one of them.  They’re looking at moving here from the Des Moines area so they can be in more of a central driving distance when visiting their children who live out of State.  Now that I’ve been with them for the second time, I’d say they’ll make another great addition to that retirement community.

I could tell the wife was more interested than the husband so I made sure to say to her husband, “Get what your wife wants!”  They got a laugh out of it, but I was speaking more truth than jest because over the years, I’ve seen some marriages grow quickly rocky after some husbands over-rode their wives wishes.  It really does stand to reason when you look at it because nearly always it’s the wives who’re doing the cooking, cleaning, and keeping the households in order.  I’m going to stay hopeful the husband comes to his senses and goes with what his wife wants.

Around mid-afternoon, and with camera in hand, I went out to take photos of a home I’ll be listing in a day or two.  I couldn’t have been more delighted to find how much better their home presents itself in comparison to what it looked like when I was out there about a week ago, just so to give them some pointers on furniture placement. After previewing those photos later today, I’d say there’ll be some good activity on it once it’s listed.

Late this afternoon I received a call from a young gentleman saying he’s now pre-approved for a loan.  I congratulated him and then asked if he was ready to make an offer on one of the many homes he’d looked at with me.  He said he was ready to offer on one of those I opened up for the second time yesterday.

After about 20 minutes had passed, he arrived at my office to review and sign an offer and its accompanying docs.  Since he’s a first-time buyer, I was all the more careful to make sure he was in full understanding of every piece of paper he was reading and signing.  After signatures, I made all the necessary copies for him, and then off he went with a classic smile on his face.  I’m hoping we can get that home sold to him because he is the nicest young man I’ve worked with of late.

On my way home, I stopped at the grocery store and happened to run into a woman I’ve known since she was a baby.  She now has two of the cutest young boys who were as smiling and happy as she was when young.  Every time I see her, I sense a great goodness, and was delighted to hear that she’s now taken a job where she’s working with the elderly. I’m sure they all think she’s a little angel.  What confirmed my belief regarding her character, was when she said today, “I absolutely love working with the seniors.”  Now that’s a calling.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The price one pays for pursuing any profession or calling, is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side.

Joe Chodur

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