Single Item Agendas

Oh how wonderful the coolness of the morning was which started off my Monday with a delight.  When noticing some of the people in their cars as they were driving to work, one would swear they were just as happy as I was.

I had to make sure I was at my office soon enough because I had an early morning appointment to write an offer on a home they were wanting to buy.  As chance would have it, they were about 15 minutes early, but that was just OK since I’d already prepared for their arrival.

They took time to read all the disclosures and then spent a little more talking about what they were going to offer.  After getting all their signatures, we sat and visited a little more, which was when the husband said, “My mother told me that we’re shirt-tail relation.”  I asked him what his mother’s maiden name was which caused me to vaguely remember my mother and grandmother speaking about someone with that last name.  I told him I’d have to do a little research into that last name just to see exactly what branch of my old family his mother’s side is from.  For sure it’s likely more distant than my buyer believed, which is why I think all of us are related if we’d go back enough generations.

After they left, I scanned the offer and emailed it to the listing agent, and then text the agent saying it was sent.  About two hours later I received a counter-offer back, and then called the buyers.  About an hour later, I received a call from them telling me they’d take it, so back to the office they came to initial the price change.  That’s all I’m waiting for now, is the agent to get me the purchase agreement with the seller’s signature. If all falls into place as I’m hoping, that’ll be another sale for the year.

I had to call a colleague of mine this morning about something, and somehow we got on the subject of people we do business with on a regular basis.  We ended up talking about a certain person which our office used to give great deal of business to, and then acted like a complete child when he didn’t get a bid to do some work that needed to be done.  I mentioned again this morning, “His bid was almost double what the other contractor offered, and willing to do the exact same work, and keep in mind, that was nearly a $5,000 job.”

My colleague laughed when saying, “Now that’s just one more example of what we call single item agendas because if you don’t give a person or company 100% of your business, you’re suddenly considered an enemy of the State.” How true his words were, and to think that guy still has a hate on for me because I didn’t allow him to take advantage of me financially.  No matter what anyone says, when offering a standard non-technical service, it’s pretty much rubber-stamp price quoting.

That single item agenda contractor is now working with another agent with his side-line of buying and selling real estate, which makes me wonder if he’s come to some sort of “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” agreement regarding the services he’s offering.  It still amazes me how he still avoids me like the plague for fear I’ll say something to him about his years of over-charging our office.

When you stop to think about it, we find similar issues within families where if you don’t agree or disagree when expected, you’re an outcast, and if you stand your ground regarding something you know is right, they’ll re-create stories of things that you did or didn’t do from 100 years ago, and then use them as their excuse for considering you a public enemy.

It’s amazing how these single item agendas can be so strong that they tear families apart, and sometimes the hurts incurred being so great, there’s no longer any chance of reconciliation.  I believe the main reason there’s no return to normalcy, is that with the passage of time, those unresolved issues create permanent indifferences which I believe is just Ok because as we all know, there’s no going back in time to fix intentional hurts, because they’re out in the universe and can’t be called back.

Speaking about this, has been another reminder to myself and others that we must be very careful about intentionally causing grief with others because karma is a very real thing, which is why we should be all the more diligent in creating good karma instead of bad.  Whenever laughing about naughty deeds, you can be sure karma gets the last laugh.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Those things I’m saying now may seem obscure, yet they will be made clearer in their proper place.

Joe Chodur

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