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Thank goodness the temps dropped enough to where I’m sure everyone was finally able to enjoy the outdoors again.  While on my way to church this morning, I had all my windows rolled down so I could feel the fresh morning air moving thru my car. Quiet Sunday mornings are a welcome relief from our busy work days.

Just as I was turning a corner near the Downtown, there stood a young buck deer that already had a half-grown rack.  He gave me that, “What’s your problem?” look, and then turned and trotted off.  From what I’ve seen these past days, their hungry numbers are rising again and busy eating everyone’s hostas.  I had to laugh when remembering what a dear friend of mine once insisted, “Deer like to eat plant leaves that are crunchy.”  Their love of crunchy leaves must be like humans gravitating toward foods that have a crunch.  Hmmm. Perhaps we humans really aren’t that far up the ladder from the rest of the animals.

Seeing what people do to each other on near a daily basis, which animals wouldn’t even think of doing, I’d suggest humanity be rounded up and sent back up the trees where they can re-learn a few things about family and community co-habitation.  Of course much of their craziness is all the more often being opioid and alcohol induced.  Alprazolam is one that gives the users a feeling of being fearless which of course blocks any sense of angst which is what keeps most of us in line.  But when you mix alcohol with those drugs, you’ll normally find those bat shite crazy people who’re always living just at the border of sanity.

Just recently I read an article that spoke about the senior drug and alcohol abuse which really opened my eyes to how widespread our drug problems really are.  Several days ago I was visiting with a dear friend about how off the wall some of the seniors we know have become, and then comparing those to our old relatives when we were growing up.  We both insisted there was maybe one in their 60’s, 70’s, 80s, or even 90’s that would say or do things that some in their age group are now doing today.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s causing it.

The church service I went to was pretty much standard, and nothing much happened worth mentioning.  I did run into an elderly woman I know who had her daughter with her who was visiting from the Twin Cities.  We had a nice chat while walking out, but I couldn’t help saying to her daughter, “Your mother is a dear one, and I hope you’re enjoying every moment of her company.”  She smiled and acknowledged she’s having a great time.

I went and picked up a piece of furniture that I purchased last week and put it in storage until I have time to strip it.  The only reason I bought it was because all the original hardware is still on it which is unusual for similar pieces.  Of course it just had to be painted which means it’ll be a project getting it all off.   Oh well, at least it’ll have a new lease on life when finished.

The bulk of my day was spent doing yard work which I didn’t mind at all because of how beautiful the day was.  There were quite a few people out biking or walking, and when I drove thru East Park, it looked like there were a number of people having family gatherings.  It always makes me smile when I see parents outdoors and playing with their small children.  Perhaps there’ll be all the more parents realizing that being stuck inside and playing video games isn’t the most healthy entertainment for their tykes.

It looks like I’m going to be getting a new listing the first part of this week which should sell relatively quickly because of where it’s located and the amenities being offered.  Nearly always, homes in that price range located in similar subdivisions, sell more quickly than others.  Let’s just hope our market keeps chugging along.

On my way home, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things, and happened to run into a distant relative I hadn’t seen in over three years. We had a nice chat about things that’ve happened in our families since we last spoke.  I wasn’t surprised to hear his mother is starting to get dementia now that she’s really getting up there in age.  What seemed to be bothering him the most, is how she’ll forget about the age of food she has stored in her fridge, and when he goes over to her house, he’s finding some pretty scary looking things she’s pulling out and thinking they’re edible.  Little does he know how quickly the spiraling down accelerates.  I didn’t dare tell him that I’d run into her several months ago and discovered a noticeable change in her demeanor.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Look not at what is contrary to propriety; listen not to what is contrary to propriety; speak not what is contrary to propriety; make no movement which is contrary to propriety.

Joe Chodur

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