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With having an early morning out of town appointment, I made sure to get myself to the office a bit sooner.  Of course yesterday’s heat was still lingering this morning to where I wonder how little the temps changed overnight.

My drive out in the countryside was quite pleasant considering there being very few cars on the road which gave me more of an opportunity to get some views in.  What I found interesting, was how the corn had grown so quickly since I last looked at it three days ago.  Yes, we sure have some fast-growing varieties that seem to be able to shoot up faster than the weeds.

My showing went well which was a good thing since the buyers had their parents along this time.  They didn’t see anything more questionable since the last time, so I’m thinking they’ll be calling me sometime next week.

On my way back, I happened to notice a sign on Hwy 65 which I’d not seen or paid much attention to in the past.  I took the above photo of it, and when I got back to my office, I looked up the meaning of that sign.  Unbeknownst to me, those road designations are something our Iowa DOT created for twelve different roads/highways around our State.  Hwy 65 is called, “Jefferson Highway” which was the brain-child of some people back in 1916 where they wanted to create a national north/south border to border highway which would help with the distribution of goods.  If you’re curious about the other eleven designations in our State, do a search on your computers of “Iowa Byways”.  I think you’ll find it interesting.

Not long after I returned to my office, the weather began to quickly change.  Oh my goodness how the wind came up!  Those gusts were so strong, it was blowing clouds of sand and dirt from the parking lots into the air.

Irregardless of the wind and light rain, I was tickled to find the temps having dropped back to comfortable levels, and thank goodness for that because I don’t want to see anymore people getting sick from the heat like one of my customers yesterday.  I spoke to her husband this morning and he said she’s much better now.  That heat really had a nasty effect on her.

My public open house at 900 Briarcliff Circle was a great success today with there being people coming and going the entire time.  Seeing that many people in attendance, was just another confirmation that our general population is growing older.  There was some serious interest being shown by a handful, and hopefully there’ll be a buyer coming forward in the very near future.

I showed it to a couple right after I listed it, and pretty sure they were more than mildly interested in it, and since they don’t like being pushed, that’s all I can do is wait for them to make their decision.  I personally think it would be a great place for them to enjoy their golden years.

One of the visitors today mentioned how concerned he is regarding our City shelling out millions of taxpayer dollars for something that’s not a sure thing.  Of course what he was speaking about is that River City Renaissance project that still has red flags and big question marks surrounding it. I wish the absolute best for our City, but I can’t help seeing financial storm clouds at our horizon.

One of the buyers in attendance asked if I was related to a girl he went to school with a number of years ago.  I asked him what year he graduated, and he responded “1970”.  I then said, “Are you thinking of my sister Monica?”  Of course that was the name he was trying to remember, and of course I had to sadly tell him she passed away a number of years ago.

He mentioned some happy moments they had together, and I couldn’t help but add, “There’s nay a day that goes by without me having a pleasant thought or two of her because she was such a dear soul.”  I also mentioned that she’d sent me a music book with over fifty Christmas songs in it, and inside the front cover having written how much she wanted me to learn a few, and then play them for her the next time she visited.  Unfortunately she never made it back to Mason City, but I did learn all of them, and every year during our Christmas Season, I play that book from cover to cover as my gift back to her as my personal remembrance.  I’m pretty sure she’s been listening to them ever since.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  I’m a great believer in karma, and the vengeance it serves up to those who are deliberately mean, is more than enough for me.

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