More Gray than White

I would say this was one heck of a beastly hot day, and from what I’ve been hearing, it should start cooling off tomorrow.  Thank goodness for that because I’m going to have a full day in real estate starting with an early morning appointment.  I’m also hosting an open house at my Briarcliff Circle condo, and if it’s too hot, it will likely keep prospective buyers from venturing out.

The early morning showings I had today were OK, but the wife was beginning to feel a bit nauseous from the heat and seemed more interested in returning to her air conditioned home instead of out looking.

The smells of mildew, dampness, and animal odors were more noticeable in both homes we visited, and likely because of the high humidity which seems to make those odor molecules more pronounced.

There were six homes I showed starting at noon, and by the time we finished about two hours later, I’d say both the buyer and myself were ready to call it quits for the day.  At least there are two possibilities out of the six which he’s wanting to see again next week.  I’ve already set up four more for him to look at which may also be possibilities.  Unless there’s something that hits the market over the weekend, I’d say he will have seen everything in his price range that meets his criteria.

Once again I was reminded how blind some sellers are to the uncleanliness and dis-order their homes are in when they’re being shown to prospective buyers.  I would be personally embarrassed if my home looked like some I was showing today.  Irregardless how particular buyers are about their own homes, they really get turned off when seeing someone else’s dirt.

I couldn’t help saying something when seeing how dirty a bathtub was in one of them when I pulled back the shower curtain.  It’s beyond my understanding of how people think it’s just OK to bathe and shower in such grime.  The bottom of that tub was more gray than white.

Later this afternoon I went back over to 908 N. Pennsylvania and took new photos of it now that the seller has moved out.  With the recent price reduction and new photos, I’m hoping there’ll be some activity on it.  I replaced all the old photos with the new ones, and while out in the back yard, there’s no question in my mind that its large, and nearly perfectly level yard that’s treeless, would make a perfect garden site, and likely more deer resistant because of where it’s situated on that hill.

The buyer I was working with today was mentioning how angry his friend is over the high population of deer we have in Mason City.  When he told me where his friend lived I said, “I can’t believe they’re now having problems in that subdivision!”  It looks like there’s no district in our City that’s deer-less.

I was having a bit of fun with him when speaking about how I can’t stomach the taste of deer meat, rabbit meat, and many of the other wild meats other than squirrel.  He seemed liking of all that wild stuff, but for some reason he’d never had squirrel.  I assured him that if he can stomach all the others, he’ll certainly enjoy pan-fried squirrel.  I went on to say how if our general population would the taste of them, perhaps they’d work at reducing our squirrel population as well.

A dear client of mine is heavy into the hunting and fishing, and whenever I run into her, she’s always got some interesting stories to tell about her adventures.  She belongs to a group of North Iowa hunters and fishers who share their knowledge and recipes for cooking what they bring home.

I’m hoping you all have a delightful evening somewhere cool, and above all, make sure you keep drinking all the more water on these hot days.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Each day is a little life:  every waking and rising a little birth, every fresh morning a little youth, and every going to rest and sleep a little death.

Joe Chodur

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