Working Ourselves Fat

It was amazing how quickly the temps started climbing this morning, and with the high humidity, it was feeling all the hotter than it was.

We’ve getting more earlier appointments scheduled where people are looking in the 8:00 am range, or after 5:00 pm, just so they don’t have to be out when the sun is high and hot.  As I mentioned again today, “The heat really doesn’t bother me as long as the humidity is low.”  You can be sure the weeds are growing with a vengeance now that the nights are warm.  When driving back from yesterday’s appointment I had out of town, the corn seemed to have grown tall over-night.  I even noticed some fields beginning to tassel.

My 8:00 am appointment was to show two homes in the 100K+ range, and unfortunately, the buyers didn’t like either one of them, so we have more to look at tomorrow.  They’re not your standard buyers because they seem to be all over the map with the types of homes they’re looking at. One thing I have discovered about them, is that the larger the yards, the better they like what they’re seeing.

The rest of my morning was spent working on a file that was supposed to close tomorrow, but that won’t happen because of how late the title company has been with getting the necessary docs from an attorney’s office so that we can get a clear-to-close from a banker.  Thank goodness the buyers aren’t having to be out of their homes right away, or we’d be in a pickle.  At least there wasn’t anything I did or didn’t do that slowed down the process.

One of my dear friends stopped by the curbside this afternoon and asked how everything’s been with me of late.  I told her how all the more I’m of the belief certain people get their sick jollies out of tormenting others.  I also reminded her that bullies come in both sexes and capable of inflicting equal amounts of pain and suffering.

She did get some good laughs when I was telling her some stories of happenings from years past, and most of them being about those who’ve made it their life-long calling to be pot-stirrers and attention seekers, while reminding her that the reason they do it, is because they have absolutely nothing positively constructive to show for their long pathetic years here on earth.

Now if it were mandatory to describe in one sentence, a line etched in a departed’s tombstone, the sum value of their life, I’m afraid there’d be survivors of naughty monkeys entirely at a loss when trying to come up with something truthfully worthy.  Perhaps that’s why living devils are magically transformed into deceased angels whenever hearing someone falsely speaking highly of them.

Since my dear friend sporadically reads my journal pages, she point-blank asked me today how many in total I’ve written.  Since I just recently checked, I paused a moment and announced, “The last time I looked, there were 2,300 pages.”  If only I had a video camera, I would’ve shared the look on her face along with her comments.  It was priceless.

My mid-afternoon appointment was with a young gentleman who’s just beginning the process of looking into purchasing a home.  He gave me his price range, so before he arrived, I pulled available listings. Since he’d not been to the bank yet, I ran my own pre-qualifying, and it looked like he’ll be fine in the range he’s looking. There are ten homes he’s wanting to see, so tomorrow will be the beginning of our home tours.  I believe we’ll find something that’ll fit his needs.

On another subject, I was reminded again today how companies push this business of “more for less” when selling their products.  Over the weekend, I stopped to buy something to snack on while working, and was shocked to find super-sweetened and high calorie products being sold at a great discount as long as you’d buy two.  Of course this “super-sizing” all our fast food restaurants are offering at volume discounts, is making matters all the worse to where hungry people innocently fall for their value tags.

I mentioned this frustration to my curbside friend alone with adding, “We’re working ourselves fat!”  She couldn’t help but laugh but also insisted I was being wicked.  My weak excuse for being that way was today’s heat.  But really, don’t you think all these bargain prices for bulk, along with those many hidden subliminals, truly are adding to our Country’s weight problem?

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Successful weight loss requires programming, not willpower.

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