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It was certainly a quiet Friday, but not a surprise because of all the many who took today off so to create a four day weekend.  After visiting with a few people, nearly all of them talked about friends or family being off on vacation.  I guess it stands to reason when thinking if a person takes just one vacation day, they could be enjoying three or four solid days elsewhere.

I’ve always liked the shorter vacations versus the extended ones because whenever returning from a longer, it takes all the more days to get back into the rhythmic grind of work.

A number of years ago I decided to take a full month off work which created a real chore for me to get the “machine” running again.  After that experience, any vacation time I’d take has been short and sweet.

Back when traveling with one of my siblings, we’d have no plans as to where we’d be going until the night before we headed off to a train station the following morning.  Believe it or not, we’d rarely ever stay in a city longer than two full days which meant that if our arrival was late on Monday, we’d be catching an early train on Wednesday morning.  You’d be surprised how much a person can see in two full days.

The one city we both wished we had stayed at longer was Helsinki.  The only reason it was part of one day, was because we traveled there by sea, and had to leave on a boat later that afternoon because we’d realized our time was pressed to get back to our city of departure so to catch our flight back to the States.

I’m not so sure how Helsinki is today, but back then, it was more than charming with its historic district, waterfront, and wonderful sights that were all in walking distances of each other.  Most have spoken about how dark and dreary Finland is, but the day we were there, the sky was the bluest and the sun was shining brightly.

I think Northern Europe had a head start with bistros because the ones we visited were like something out of Conde Nast, and nearly always packed with every age group who all appeared to have movie star qualities about them.  Of course they’re very much into drinking espresso which even today I have a problem drinking due to its bitterly strong taste.  I remember once saying, “I don’t like the taste of it because reminds me of what cat pee smells like.”

My early appointment was to stop and see a dear lady and pick up a key to a home she owns.  When I walked in, I happened to notice quite a number of boxes in her living/dining area.  All I said was, “It looks like you’ve been busy.”  Being a clever one she replied, “I was working all day yesterday trying to find my floor.”  I didn’t think it was so bad but she did add that there was a whole lot more there yesterday.  My encouragement was for her to take her time because she would find the rest of her floor.

I couldn’t help but comment on her living room window coverings which were very much like what I would see in homes and apartments in Northern Europe.  I was all the more surprised to hear that she’d purchased them in South Africa back when she was on vacation there a number of years ago, which was another example of how tastes and customs are carried from country to country.

I’ve rarely seen curtains like those, and each time I have, the owners would tell me how hard they were to come by, which tells me there’d be a market here for them if only we had stores in our area that sold them.

One of the buyers I’ve been working with stopped at my office later today to sign an offer on one of the homes she likes.  I think I got all her questions answered so now it’s the waiting game for a response.  What I believe is in her favor, is her purchasing power and pre-approval that’s already been issued.  It seems this past month there’ve been a number of sales that’ve fallen thru for some reason or other.  Sometimes I think buyers allow themselves to get pushed into buying and then start getting cold feet days later.

A young gentleman and I got into a delightful debate this afternoon regarding a conversation he had with another who was pushing him to work with a particular Realtor who has become all the more vocal about being a “Christian”.  I couldn’t help being a little wicked by saying, “So what am I?”

I think what it all boiled down to was the idea of my not being so outwardly vocal about it which I personally find somewhat offensive, because so often I listen to people vocalizing about their beliefs, but later finding their actions contrary.  I’m now wondering if the big difference is the proselytizing that’s being done across our Nation which makes a “Christian” more of a “Christian”.  Back during the Reformation I believe they considered such people to be, “Soldiers of Christ.”  I hope we’re not returning to those violent times.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  A noble person attracts noble people, and knows how to hold onto them.

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