Kiss a Toad

It wasn’t so bad outside this morning, but when noontime arrived, the temps had risen past the point of comfortability.  I was glad to have had enough office work to keep me busy for most of the day.

Since we have another closing coming up on Monday, I worked on that file to the point where everything is done with the exception of a payoff letter and several other necessary docs needing to be signed by the sellers.

One of my morning appointments was with an ad representative whom I’ve recently called upon to do some advertising for me.  I’m working all the harder at getting away from the online and printed advertising I’ve been doing these past years with the Globe Gazette because I’ve now coming to the realization that it’s not working like it did years ago.

Of course there are those big offices who splash their names and faces all over the Globe in hopes they’ll convince the general public they’re the biggest and best.  As far as I’m concerned, needlessly spending money like they’re doing, is like throwing money down a rat hole with nothing to show for it.  I’d rather we all give our advertising dollars to some charitable fund that helps families become homeowners which in and of itself would be a more lasting form of advertisement.

I’d like to put a plug in for 422 S. Tennessee Place, Unit #3 which I’ll have open for public viewing this coming Saturday from 1:00 – 3:00 PM.  If ever there were a Holtz Realty listing which didn’t sell for the longest time without any reason, that condo is in the top ten.  I’m beginning to wonder if people are looking at the low price and thinking there’s something wrong with it, and rest assured there isn’t.

I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s a buyer out there who was meant to own it, and hopefully he or she will be arriving on the scene soon because my seller is getting very frustrated over it not being sold.  Now that seller has made a firm decision as to where she’s going to move when it sells, I think that’s another underlying karmatic reason it hasn’t sold.  So please, do put the word out because it is a very good buy.

I had to go over to the courthouse this afternoon and pick up some documents, and while there, I couldn’t help but tease some of them after being asked what I’d be doing on the 4th.  I casually said, “I’m going to set aside some time to strip.”  Oh did the eyebrows go up.  I then said, “In my ancient age, I still consider myself one of North Iowa’s best male strippers.”  The raised eyebrows turned into blushes and giggles.  Taking it even farther I said while pointing over to a young gentleman, “I’m sure I can perform noticeably better than he can.”  Then then laughter started.  I finished off by saying, “I’ve even had photos and videos taken of my strips.”  Yes, we all have to keep smiling while getting a few giggles out of the toying with words. Of course my “stripping” ability only has to do with woodwork and furniture.  Gotcha!

My last appointment today was to show three homes to a couple I’ve known for a number of years, and since I hadn’t seen them for so long, we took a little time to play catch-up.  It sounded like all has been well with them, and now that they’re getting older, they’re looking for something newer, nicer, and all on one level.

One of the three homes I showed is exceptionally well built and in a very good neighborhood, but radically out-dated to where I’d say there’s been little or no cosmetic updates since it was built back in the 1960’s.  If I were looking for a home, that would definitely be the one I’d purchase because of its good bones and great location.

Unfortunately it’ll be on the market a whole lot longer because nearly all buyers cannot “see” possibilities, and well as being unwilling to make any of those needed changes.  It seems all the more want those George Foreman grill homes that you “set and forget”.  We’ll see how much more blinded our general public become with these staged homes.

I’m now beginning to wonder if you kiss a toad, it’ll turn into a lipsticked pig.  And no, the above photo I took of that toad wasn’t dead, but must’ve decided to take a cool dip but wasn’t able to jump back out.  He’s now safely back in the grass.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The only thing that stops God from sending another flood is that the first one was useless.

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