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I’m sure everyone was doing their best to stay out of the heat today.  With all the rain we had earlier this week and now no wind, the humidity level was making if feel all the hotter.

The only real estate work I had this morning, was to get the signed purchase agreement on a home I sold yesterday emailed off to the buyer’s lender with a cover letter attached.  I’m sure the buyer is going to be chomping on the bit to get his loan processed and closed as soon as possible, which is why I got that document emailed right off.

With the rest of my morning being free, I changed my clothes and spent over two hours doing yard work.  I was hoping there wouldn’t be anyone stopping me while out there because I knew I wouldn’t get what needed to be done if I were interrupted by passersby.   Just as noontime was rolling around, I could tell the heat index was rising because by the time I finished, I was wet from head to toe from the heat.

Thank goodness I have a place in my office to get cleaned up because I sure needed it.  By the time I got scrubbed and my clothes changed, I had about 10 minutes to drive over to my public open house.

The first hour was dead, but the second had people coming and going, but unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be anyone showing real interest which was a disappointment.  With that home having not yet been sold, is one more example of the mindsets of our younger generation who’d rather pay thousands of dollars more for homes that’ve been “lipsticked” and staged.  I’ll have to place a call to the sellers on Monday and talk about a price reduction.

Right after my open house, I had four homes to show to out-of-town buyers, and while driving past the aquatic center on my way to the first one, I couldn’t believe how many people were not only in the swimming pool area, but also in East Park.  Yes, the Cannon Ball Days have started, yet still surprised to see that many people.  I guess the heat was drawing all the more to the pool, Willow Creek, and the Winnebago River.

There’ve been recent articles about those new condos that were built on Spring Lake which is nothing more than an abandoned clay pit that finally filled up with water.  There’s no way I’d want to live at the shores of that pit, and the main reason being the mosquitos that are breeding there with a vengeance.  Calm bodies of water are perfect breeding grounds for them.  No thank you very much.

Don’t get me wrong about wanting to live on water, because I’d love to live on a fast moving stream or river because the mosquitos aren’t as bad on moving water, but if you find what they refer to as “ponding”, you’ll have a battle on your hands.  I still have no idea why some people with acreages create ponds and think they’re going to add value to their homesites.  Perhaps some buyers don’t consider the added number of biting insects, but every time yours truly sees a picture of one on a listing, the first thing that comes to mind is mosquitos and the possible diseases they carry.

Of the four homes I showed this afternoon, two of them were great disappointments, and for sure, the photos those listing agents took, were all too deceiving of what we found within.  I just about knocked myself out while coming up from the basement in one of them because of the way they so idiotically built that stairway.  Persons of any height at all would hit their heads if they didn’t duck.  Going down is never a problem, but coming up is always the issue.

The last home I showed was possibly the best if it could be bought for maybe 30K less because of all the concrete work needing to be immediately done, along with building a new double garage because the existing single stall is nearing the end of its life cycle.  Due to the thousands of dollars that home needs to have thrown at it, I’d say it’s going to be sitting there for a long time.  I have no idea where that listing agent found the comps to support that high of an asking price.  Oh well, I’m just glad it’s not my listing.

I read a very interesting section of a book while it was quiet at my open house that spoke about the need for more people to get themselves connected with singing groups.  What I didn’t realize, is that there’ve been studies done on the elderly who are part of singing groups, and it was found that their over-all health is better, and that included their minds being more active and alert.

They also talked about the even greater benefits of singing chant in religious settings.  I was thinking about that afterwards and remembered reading somewhere a number of years ago how much longer chanting nuns and monks live, and to think those religious communities have been around for thousands of years.  I always believed they lived longer because they had far less stress in their lives, but after reading a section in that book, chant is one of the best relievers of stress.  It’s very interesting because I’ve always enjoyed singing and listening to chant, and for me, it was always relaxing.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  One always has time enough, if one will apply it well.

Joe Chodur

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