Seeing Shysters

It certainly was a surprise to see those ominous clouds rolling in this morning, and then follow by several downpours.  Thank goodness I got all my running done earlier this morning so I could barricade myself in the office while it moved thru.

Correspondence is one of those necessary duties when in real estate, and today’s was a letter to a very naughty tenant who didn’t leave her residence in the same condition she found it.  What irritated me the most, was knowing how demanding she was while living there, but not good enough to clean it up before she left.

The biggest grip I had with her, was how she so ignorantly started flushing wet-wipes down her stool and managed to plug a major sewer line.  When questioning her about it, she decided to lay the blame on their manufacturer when saying, “It said on the package they were disposable.”  Really?  There’s a big difference between the word “disposable” and “flushable”.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over these years, is that those who think the world has dealt them a poor hand, continue to slop around in their puddles of self-pity and blame everything they themselves have allowed or created, on everyone but themselves.

I’m sure you know those of the same stripe, and for some reason, I’m convinced their numbers are growing because in these past three to five years, I’ve been hearing stories regarding things people claim have been so wrongly done to them, but upon closer investigation, nearly all of them were illusory. What colorful dreamers and storytellers we have in our midst!

Do you think there are all the many more who have too much time on their hands who’re sitting around concocting such dramas?  I guess that old saying my grandmother used to use on occasion had far more truth to it than I realized at the time, which went, “Idle minds and hands become the devil’s workshop.”

In between showers, I met a buyer out at the home she’s buying so she could do her final walk thru before our closing tomorrow.  As I suspected, the sellers left a great deal of personal property behind.  There are at least two pickup loads of “stuff” that has to be removed from the basement, garage, and back yard.

I couldn’t help but mention to the listing agent how all the more sellers who’re moving out of town don’t bother giving their homes a good cleaning before they head off to their new digs. Today was the third time in a month that I’ve seen stoves and refrigerators not having been cleaned after they were emptied.  I’d personally be embarrassed if I left my home in such a condition, but I keep reminding myself of the strict upbringing I had in a household of Germanic mentalities, which is certainly NOT the mode of today.

Having been trapped in my office by the storm, I did manage to get those last three condos I listed yesterday over at Prairie Place on 1st fully disseminated out into the cyber universe.  With only five two bedroom, two bath units remaining, I’m confident there’ll be all the more interest these coming days and weeks.

I have 741 – 10th St. NE scheduled for a public open house this Saturday from 1:00 – 3:00 pm, and in great hopes a buyer will become a product from it.  With it being summer, one can certainly appreciate having the pool and park nearby.  That particular district has always been popular just because of its close proximity to one of Mason City’s natural attractions.  As chance would have it, my loving mother lived in that district for well over 20 years and loved each year there, all the more.

Late this afternoon I heard a story from my dearest of friends who hired a so-called “expert” to do some landscaping in his rear yard.  I stopped over to look at what had already been done and was appalled by the shoddy workmanship.  When he told me the name of his contractor, that’s all I could say was, “Get rid of him NOW!”  Seeing how a young couple had been duped by that slick-talking know-nothing, I just wanted to spit because it’s bad enough when seeing shysters getting taken by crooks, but when it happens to darned good hard-working people, it makes my blood boil.

Once again, I viewed another example of why so many people are not having work done because of their deep fears of being taken to the cleaners.  And please don’t think it’s only happening in North Iowa, because I know for a fact it’s taking place all across our Nation.  The naughty monkeys are multiplying!

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Once you begin being naughty, it’s easier to go on and on, but sooner or later something dreadful happens.

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