Patiently Waiting

As expected, my day was near non-stop with early morning appointments and then the extended showing of homes which lasted until around 5:00 pm this afternoon.  I would say it’s been many months since I was called upon to show that many homes in one outing.  What pleased me the most, was being able to stick pretty close to the scheduled time frames I had allotted for each one.

Of all the homes I showed, I’d say there are now four good possibilities for the buyer to pick from which is a good thing, because if there were only one or two, there’d be the risk of not being able to negotiate a fair sale price on either one of them.

One of the upside of being with a buyer for so many hours, was my having enough time to get a real “feel” for what type of home would be best suit her needs in the coming years.  I also felt fortunate in having that much time to spend with a person of great learning who freely shared her thoughts regarding the direction our society is moving.

After walking out of one particular home, we both had sad thoughts about how so many of our elderly are living ever-so quiet lives of desperation.  What triggered our conversation, was seeing how meagerly the owner lived due to there being no visible signs of “comfort” splurges.  It made me sad when thinking that poor homeowner was doing nothing more than surviving while patiently waiting for God.

One of the homes I showed is now showing signs of being gleaned of excess personalty which was making it appear overly-stuffed and smaller than it really is.  Today’s showing of that home was the best I’ve seen it since it was listed some months ago.

Another one was tenant occupied which had all of its window shades pulled and curtains drawn.  You can imagine how well that went over with the buyer because nearly all lookers prefer as much natural light being provided while searching our market for homes to purchase.  I’m not saying for sure, but I’d wager that tenant did that on purpose just to make it look even more un-appealing.

When speaking of tenant occupied homes for sale, I can assure you that over all these years, I’ve seen homes sell for less than they should’ve, just because there were tenants living in them.  With that said, if you know anyone who has a home they’re planning on selling that’s occupied by a tenant, be sure to tell them that a vacant home will bring more money than one being lived in by a non-owner occupant.

Several months ago I was given instructions to do a market valuation on a home that had tenants living there, and in my remarks I mentioned how important it would be for the owner to evict them before it gets listed because I could already see what marketing problems those tenants were going to create.  While I was walking thru it, one of the tenants followed me around while addressing all the so-called “problems” that home had.  Yours truly found no structural issues, but certainly could see glaring signs of neglect with the general upkeep which were compliments of those doing the complaining.

Since we were out for so many hours, we decided to stop at Taco Tico for lunch, and of course they were as busy as always at that time of day.  The buyer was surprised by the quality of food being served since it appeared to her as just another one of those Mexican fast food chains to be found all across America.

I was glad she enjoyed the lunch, but also told her that I rarely go out there over noontime due to it being too far from my office along with the heavy traffic that has to be endured while driving there.  I also mentioned that if someone would open up a similar eat-in/take-out Mexican restaurant in our Downtown, it would be welcomed with open arms by all those hungry workers in our central business district.

I mentioned something to the owner of Taco Tico a handful of times about opening another one Downtown, and his last response to me was, “It’ll NEVER happen.”  I was a bit shocked by his resolute words and later wondered why in the heck he was so much against it.  Now if there should be an entrepreneur opening a successful take-away similar to Taco Tico somewhere in the Downtown, and make a very good business out of it, for sure it will affect Taco Tico’s profits.

Just one more day, and we’ll be at the solstice of summer, and after tomorrow, our sun will be turning around and marching southward. Oh how I hate to see days growing shorter.  When placing it all in perspective, we are now only a few days more than six months away from Christmas Eve.  Ouch!

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The world is full of magical things waiting for our wits to grow sharper.

Joe Chodur

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