Old with Grace

As we’re approaching the official day of summer, it’s beginning to look like it’ll be happening. Today was a near perfect day and let’s hope they’ll continue. The gentle breezes coming out of the north were reminiscent of bygone summers.

My entire morning was consumed with setting up appointments for tomorrow’s marathon showing of homes.  The list I have for one day’s outing, borders on staggering.  I can’t remember the last time I showed that many homes to one person in a single day.  Let’s hope at least one of them is a keeper.

We’re still battling back and forth with the offer on 24 – 11th St. NE.  I can fully understand the reservations the seller has, but I guess if those buyers do step up and agree on the seller’s last counter, it’ll be up to them to work at getting it financed.

It’s not that I’m psychic when saying I have reservations at times over the sale of a given home, but sometimes there’s a bit of carelessness shown by buyers to where it’s almost like they’re of the mindset of, “Well if we get it that’s OK and if we don’t that’s Ok too.”  In these times, we are seeing all the more of those who don’t step back far enough and consider the long-term responsibilities they have with owning a home.

Not many months ago, I was speaking to a loan officer, and wasn’t a bit surprised when told that all the more people are simply giving their cars back to the banks instead of following thru with their loan agreements.  Even though they’re told that there will likely be deficiency judgements levied against them, they move forward with their “give a hoot” attitudes while shamelessly dropping their car keys off at their lender’s office.

I’m certain the mortgage bankers have resurrected their punitive mindsets by placing deficiency judgements on those who’ve given their homes back because just recently I’ve heard several people talk about mortgage deficiency judgements they’re working on getting paid off before they can purchase another home.

So what’s the reason for this upsurge of giving cars and homes back? My take on it is that the parents of those people, are very much to blame for not instilling the sense of responsibility in their children from the very beginning.  Some years ago I chided a distant relative for spoiling her child, and his “kick-back” at me was, “I’m not going to have my daughter going without like I did when I was young!”  Of course I wouldn’t let it go by saying, “Oh you poor soul!  I didn’t realize you had such a hard life when you were growing up to where you’re permanently scarred for the rest of you life.” The only answer I got was a very dirty look.  Oh well, we just gotta love them.

When I went over to an office to pay a bill this afternoon, I managed to catch one of my favorite clerks whom I always have to tease a little just so I can get a few giggles out of her.  Today I said, “I’ve decided in my old age that it’s time I become generous, and I want you to guess what the first things I’m going to start freely giving away?”  She braced herself when saying, “What?”  I gave her a good smirk and whispered, “My opinions.”  Now wasn’t that a clever little joke to play on someone?  I actually used it three times today and each one of them got a good laugh out of it, and if you should feel the need to borrow it, do please because plagiarism is one of the greatest of compliments.

I just happened to remember that today’s the birthday of an elder-lady I’ve known for number of years who for some reason vehemently decided against growing old with grace.  I’m sure glad most of the elderly I come into contact with are absolute delights.

Just yesterday one of the residents of Prairie Place on 1st thanked me for all the extras I do for our community, along with telling me how much his wife enjoys reading my daily journal pages.  He happened to say it just as I was showing those buyers from Des Moines, and after that kind gentleman got on the elevator, I told the buyers and their agent that he and his wife are just two of the many residents of Prairie Place on 1st’s “family”.

The agent who was accompanying me on that showing, called today asking for all the pre-purchase documentation which the Good Shepherd’s attorney has asked to be read by the buyers and their attorneys before making their offers to purchase.  I guess I was correct when saying yesterday my belief of them to be more than just “tire kickers”.  I do hope they buy one of those units because I’m confident they’ll be a good fit with the current owners.

Wish me luck on tomorrow’s marathon showing to a buyer who’s moving here from out of State.  Due to her great acumen, there’s no question she’ll be a welcome addition to our community.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The best part of the art of living is knowing how to grow old gracefully.

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