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I’m beginning to wonder if our weather patterns this summer are going to be a repeat of last year’s.  If that’s the case, I’m going to feel cheated again because in years past,  I’ve always looked forward to normal sunny days and delightful sunsets.  All this rain we’ve been getting is also creating all the many overly-damp basements in North Iowa.

Another real estate office’s agent brought an offer in on 24 – 11th St. NE today which wasn’t even close to what the owner is asking.  The seller did counter on it, and if it doesn’t go thru, at least we’ve had our first, and when that happens, there’s usually another to follow.

One thing I’ve noticed in these long years of real estate sales, is that a home can be on the market for months before its first offer hits the table, and if it doesn’t come together, there’s almost always another one on the horizon.  If today’s offer doesn’t fly, let’s hope there’ll soon be another that’s acceptable.

Something took place out in front of my office yesterday which I thought worth sharing, and it all started when a young man was parking an older pickup truck right outside my front door.  I couldn’t help but notice him as I was walking to my car and heading to an appointment.  He was still in the cab when I drove off, but when I got back about a half hour later, he was standing out at the curb and chatting with a young woman.

I’d parked my car across the street again, and when I got in front of my office, I noticed those two were fiddling with the door handles of that pickup.  I suddenly realized he’d locked his keys in it and desperately trying to get in.

I causally said, “Looks like you locked yourself out.”  His girlfriend replied, “Yes, and this is the second time he’s done it.”  I shook my head and replied, “Well, at least after today, you’ll not forget.”  They weren’t the most pleasant and likely due to their frustration over being locked out.  When at my front door, I turned and soulfully said, “Good luck in getting it open.”

Whenever I had a moment free, I looked to see how they were doing.  At least another half hour passed before a locksmith appeared with his curious looking tools. One would’ve thought it would be a cake walk getting it unlocked, but by the looks of it, it was a struggle.  That locksmith ended up having to ever-so-cleverly pull the keys out of the ignition and then up and out thru that thick rubber seal around the door. What a trick!

I’d say that young man must’ve spent a good two hours messing around with that locked pickup truck.  Now here’s the kicker.  Without a doubt, he was on and off his cell phone nearly the entire time he was out standing there!  I was in near shock when seeing how he had one eye on his phone and the other on what was happening around him.

It almost sickened me when seeing how addicted he was to that phone.  I was amazed at how he could text with lightening speed using only that left thumb of his.  I’ve seen fast texting, but nothing even close to what he was doing.  Even as he was driving off, I could see he was holding that phone down around his armrest, and you can imagine why  he had it out of plain sight.

My whole take on that incident was one heck of a confirmation that the underlying causes of many accidents stem from cell phone use while behind the wheel, and after yesterday’s drama, I’m convinced our younger crowd is even more addicted to cell phones than even I believed.  I’m afraid our world is being faced with a major problem with the generation who’ve allowed themselves to become digitalized.  I’d say that young man’s age was somewhere between 18 and 20, which tells us that this cell phone craze is deeply imbedded in our school system.

If any of you have some extra time, just find a spot out in a pedestrian area and count the number of people you see who’re either talking or texting on their cell phones while either driving or walking.  I have a feeling your tally is going to be shocking.

Around noontime I spent about two hours over at Prairie Place on 1st showing available units to an agent and her out of town buyers.  I was happy to notice they were showing more than a passing interest along with asking all the right questions.  They have children that live in both the Des Moines and Twin Cities areas, which would put them halfway between if they moved to Prairie Place on 1st.

The husband mentioned that he and his wife have no interest in moving to Minnesota because they tax both Social Security and pensions.  That was a bit of news I’ll have to remember because I’m sure most seniors don’t know all the subtleties of Minnesota’s tax laws.  Since both of them are drawing Social Security and pensions, I can see why they have no desire to become residents of the State I teasingly refer to as, “The People’s Republic of Minnesota”.

I made a quick trip up to my listing at 305 W. North in Manly this afternoon and had a good visit with the owner.  I know there’ll be a buyer for it because it’s got far more bells and whistles than other homes in its price range.  I’m still envisioning a young couple with children making it their new home.  Just remember, it only takes one buyer to make a sale.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Deeply earnest and thoughtful people stand on shaky footing with the public.

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