Hovering and Hammering

When thinking it was going to be a light work day, I was soon proven wrong with all the phone calls and drop-ins.

The most important appointment this morning was to attend the closing of a home which I had listed far longer than I would’ve liked, but it was yet another example of how much harder it is in these times to sell cheaper homes in need of cosmetics.  But I did manage  to match-up a buyer with it who was able look past them and see the big ticket items that had already been made.  There’s no question it’ll be a good investment for him once he’s finished with his cosmetic upgrades.  I’m sure the first thing to go will be the out-dated wallpaper.

After reading an email I received this morning from a lender in Des Moines, I found all the more documents needing signatures from the sellers and then to be forwarded to them for a closing coming up next week.  I had to hold my tongue when asked by them if I was planning on attending the closing.  Oh how badly I wanted say how ridiculous it was for that buyer to be financed by a Des Moines lender when we have banks and credit unions here in North Iowa that could’ve offered the same if not better loan packages.

I really don’t get it whenever hearing buyers tell me they’re pre-approved from either an on-line lender or an out of town bank.  I’m convinced they must be given some really good sales pitches because there’d be no other reason level-headed buyers would rely on faceless telephone calls and emails.   Since most loan originators’ salaries are based on commission only, you can bet they pull out the stops in trying to snag homebuyers during their “introductory” phone calls.

Speaking of sales tactics, I’ve found of late that there are seminars being given to help with just those types of sales to where if one form of sales pitch doesn’t work, then it’s on to the next, and the next, and the next until they’ve finally caved.  Sounds pretty scary doesn’t it?  You can bet they’re similar to those trained salespeople in big box stores which I almost never frequent because of their constant hovering and hammering.  Thank goodness I was never trained in such a fashion all those many years ago, and in these times, I’m glad to have never been polluted by such dark ways of salesmanship.  Perhaps that’s why we’re seeing all the many more lipsticked pigs being sold for un-heard of prices.

It looks like I’m going be tomorrow’s guide for a Realtor coming here with some out of town buyers to look at the units still available over at Prairie Place on 1st.  Believe it or not, there are only five 2 bedroom units remaining to be sold.  I’m still very much stuck on the ones remaining on 3rd floor.  Without a doubt, I’d be purchasing one of them because of the fabulous views afforded from that height, and not to mention their decks which have roofs over them creating all the more of an exterior zone of 3+ seasonal comfort.

One of the sales I had about three months ago is finally coming closer to its closing date.  For sure it’s been a long drawn out affair which will make both the buyer and sellers glad to have it finally over. Of course that particular loan is being issued by another Des Moines lender which dilly-dallied far too long with things that should’ve been done weeks ago.  I’m sure that loan was pushed to a back burner because it wasn’t as big as what they’re normally doing in the Des Moines area.

Having recently worked with Des Moines lenders, I’m wondering if they believe the general population of North Iowa to be all a bunch of red-necked hillbillies.  Some of the statements they’ve made to me were like a headmistress giving child-like instructions to a third grader, and the one today had me almost to the point of saying, “I do know my job, so you need not give me step-by-step procedural instructions when it comes to getting a home sale to the closing.”  I’m going to be a bit of a naughty monkey tomorrow morning when I email her saying, “Why did you mis-spell the seller’s first name in multiple documents because I’d already given you their correct names?”  I’m of the belief micro-managers make more mistakes because they’re too busy looking over the shoulders of those who do know what they’re doing.

One of my dear friends called today to have a long-overdue chat, and while we were visiting, the subject came up regarding our notorious rag of a newspaper that seems to enjoy sending to print some of the most ridiculous for-pay requests by the general public.  Since she’s highly educated and well-rounded, she commented by saying, “I’m convinced their editor doesn’t pay close enough attention to what’s being inserted in their line ads, and personally knowing how they’re loosing subscriptions along with good help, I’d say just about anything goes in that tabloid.” After she said that, we both got a good laugh when I added, “And it looks like bottom dwellers continue to seek comfort in their lowered levels.”

Tonight’s one-liner is:  I think the most efficacious way of making a difference, is to lead by example, as well as performing random acts of kindness which will set good examples of how to behave in the world.

Joe Chodur

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